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Colebrook Fall 2014


Fall colors Coleman State Park 2014

Fall colors Coleman State Park 2014

Foliage from Colebrook 2014

Foliage from Colebrook 2014

Yellows and Reds from Colebrook 2014

Yellows and Reds from Colebrook 2014

Theodore climbs a tree while waiting for Mom at Coleman State Park 2014 (1280x1070)

Theodore climbs a tree while waiting for Mom at Coleman State Park 2014 (1280×1070)

Jacqueline climbs a tree while waiting for Mom at Coleman State Park 2014 (1280x1213)

Jacqueline climbs a tree while waiting for Mom at Coleman State Park 2014 (1280×1213)


The Twins want their pictures taken

After I changed their overnight diapers, and put on the clothes that mommy picked out for them, Theodore and Jacqueline wanted me to take their pictures. They raced into the other room, as apparently, this was where their pictures were to be taken. They picked out a couple of spots where they could pose for the pictures. So, they stood against the wall, sat in a chair, and stood in front of chairs. At one point they were so pleased with the progress of this grueling five-minute session that they clapped their hands and did some jumping. Between pictures they would run over to me and look at the display on my camera as if to proof the shot right then and there. This was completely random and then they were done. I laughed during the entire thing because they were funny, random, selective, and unpredictable all at the same time.

Twin photo request

The twins, inspired by the earlier photos of the deer, wanted to get in on the fun as well. Jacqueline asked me to take her picture, while Theodore had no interest in moving from his play spot.

Jacqueline went around the corner, to get out of my line of vision, so she could remove her pajamas. She reappeared with this lovely ensemble that she picked out herself. She then asked if I could take her picture, which of course, I did. Theodore, hollering “Dad! Dad!” from the other room, said he wanted his picture taken too. Although he would only peak around the corner and not remove himself from the big bucket he was sitting in. Either way, I took their pictures and have shared a couple of them here. Enjoy.

The twins play at the airport

Every once in a while the twins will ask me if we can go to the airport. It’s only a 20 minute ride at the most. We do visit quite a bit and we’ve found two spots we frequent most. These spots offer the twins a chance to see the planes, hear the noises, feel the breezes, but most importantly, run around and play. So earlier this week we made another short ride to the airport (MHT). It started as a sunny cool day with high, puffy clouds. During the 90 minutes we were there, the clouds thickened, came in lower, the sun all but disappeared, and the wind picked up. Even so, we had a great time. The twins ran around, picked weeds and flowers, chased each other, hid behind daddy when the loudest engines roared, and pretended to be airplanes. We played right in front of the Aviation Museum, one of our favorite spots. These pictures show the twins playing in this space between the museum and the fence around the airport. The last picture is from last November, showing the top of the museum.

040 (2)

And they’re off!

046 (2)

Typically the twins will pick dandelion, white and red clover, and any flowering weeds.

047 (2)

Once again, the twins are on the move.

048 (2)

Theodore runs away from Jacqueline, the airplane.

050 (2)

Jacqueline requested a fly by. Granted.

051 (2)

Theodore makes a run for it. Not sure where he’s going, but he’s got a handful of loot.

053 (2)

Ahhh, maybe he was running from the low flying aircraft.

055 (2)

My beautiful little airplane girl.

056 (2)

Run to the fence. Check. Run up the hill to the museum. In progress.

059 (2)

I can hear it now. “Hey Daddy! What’s up there?” Answer below.


This is what she was pointing at. It’s the top of the Aviation Museum. I took this picture on a trip to the airport last November.

Happy Hug

Yesterday I let the twins pick out their own socks. After several socks were put on, swapped, doubled up, and traded, this is what they ended up with. They thought that pants were not necessary so they just played like this all morning. The picture here is a result of my requesting Theodore to hug his sister so I could take a picture. Not bad. They even looked at the camera.

2012-06-01 003 (2)


Twin Adventures – 22 months old

This gallery contains 14 photos.

The twins have just grown beyond the 22 month old mark. I know, at some point soon, their ages will be measured in fractions of years. Either way they are growing up too fast. These pictures were taken in our … Continue reading