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Photography 101.

This is simple architecture, but I kind of like it.

This display at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire looks perfect against the late afternoon sky.

This display at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire looks perfect against the late afternoon sky.


The twins play at the airport

Every once in a while the twins will ask me if we can go to the airport. It’s only a 20 minute ride at the most. We do visit quite a bit and we’ve found two spots we frequent most. These spots offer the twins a chance to see the planes, hear the noises, feel the breezes, but most importantly, run around and play. So earlier this week we made another short ride to the airport (MHT). It started as a sunny cool day with high, puffy clouds. During the 90 minutes we were there, the clouds thickened, came in lower, the sun all but disappeared, and the wind picked up. Even so, we had a great time. The twins ran around, picked weeds and flowers, chased each other, hid behind daddy when the loudest engines roared, and pretended to be airplanes. We played right in front of the Aviation Museum, one of our favorite spots. These pictures show the twins playing in this space between the museum and the fence around the airport. The last picture is from last November, showing the top of the museum.

040 (2)

And they’re off!

046 (2)

Typically the twins will pick dandelion, white and red clover, and any flowering weeds.

047 (2)

Once again, the twins are on the move.

048 (2)

Theodore runs away from Jacqueline, the airplane.

050 (2)

Jacqueline requested a fly by. Granted.

051 (2)

Theodore makes a run for it. Not sure where he’s going, but he’s got a handful of loot.

053 (2)

Ahhh, maybe he was running from the low flying aircraft.

055 (2)

My beautiful little airplane girl.

056 (2)

Run to the fence. Check. Run up the hill to the museum. In progress.

059 (2)

I can hear it now. “Hey Daddy! What’s up there?” Answer below.


This is what she was pointing at. It’s the top of the Aviation Museum. I took this picture on a trip to the airport last November.