Pictures from the play area

IMG_7433 (2)

Theodore likes to pull his hat down low as only the coolest of kids can do. The man of mystery looks like he's ready to get some groceries.

IMG_7436 (2)

Now that is a profile.

IMG_7438 (2)

I announce to the twins that I have the camera and I want to take some pictures of them. Apparently conditioned by the exercise in capturing video of somersaults I tried the other day, they immediately went to this pose.

IMG_7445 (2)

Theodore who takes his somersaults more serious, waits for a starting gun, or the quarterback to yell, Hike! before actually completing the somersault. Jacqueline, with no patience for this approach, offers her assistance, although nobody asked her for it.

IMG_7455 (2)

What unsuspecting twin brother wouldn't want a couple of hugs like this everyday? Actually, you will see (next photo) that Jacqueline may have 'propelled' herself into this hug.

IMG_7456 (2)

As you can see, the hug was more like a tackle. And even though Theodore wasn't expecting the hug, he seems quite alright with the outcome.

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