Forever Rest In Peace

Today we come together to remember one of us, one held so dear.

I implore you to ensure that her sweet, smiling spirit ne’er disappear.

The whole of us has wondered how is it that this befell Mrs. Tefft.

Lest we forget that it’s her influence to continue with which we are left.


The places that we simply pass conjure up memories as we come and go.

Let these inspire us to pay it forward, even in death, there is room to grow.


But for today, I recall this young lady, who spoke just as much with her eyes.

Take comfort, for our children knew her best, in itself a valued prize.


There was a young lady whose smile seemed it was wedged tween the pain.

She stood outside welcoming all, be it in the wind, the sun, or pouring rain.


Her eyes told a story that left her vulnerable to the things coming her way.

But her words were soft and she searched for all the right things to say.


She would bend low to better hear those little voices so honest and true.

And she possessed a quality to be impacted just as much as she would do.


I didn’t know her any better than that, but there’s a rift where she stood.

For now there’s a feeling that evil has taken something that was good.


Though a friend, a family member, a loved one, her breath it did cease.

May we never forget her, and may this sweet woman forever rest in peace.


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