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Well, Today’s Z-Day

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David Z and Zak Stevens, TSO East


Lightning Pics from Hartland, NB

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These are still pictures taken from video. These pictures were taken in, and around, Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada. July 2016. My cousin, his girlfriend, and I, spent a couple of hours venturing out in to the warm evening along the … Continue reading


The Walk to Lost Lake

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In no particular order, here are some of my favorite photos from my hike into Lost Lake. All Photos by 1inawesomewonder ©. Click “View Slide Show” or click on any of the pictures, to scroll through the images on Lost … Continue reading


April day at the beach

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Thankful on a Snowy Monday

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I am a fortunate man in more ways than I could ever count. One such blessing I am thankful for, among many, are Monday’s at home with the twins. I could not have these moments were it not for my … Continue reading


Potholes and Puddles

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Once in a while, quite often actually, I think it’s good to just let kids be kids, regardless of my personal feelings on cleanliness, order, and things along those lines. Yes, we have a huge pothole in our driveway. Yes, … Continue reading


The twins pose for a few shots

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The twins were in the mood for some fun with the camera so I took some pictures of them in their new hats before we hit the road for the morning. I told to stand together for the first picture … Continue reading