I am a husband and a father who currently works from home.

I have six kids and nothing in life has been a bigger blessing than my wonderful kids.

I have a tremendous wife and an incredible family.

I am passionate about anything my kids do and our national pastime, baseball.

I am thankful for the privilege provided me by being born in the greatest country on the planet.

Writing about things I see, things I experience, or even just things I think on, are some of the things I enjoy.

The pictures used on this site have been taken mostly by me, and also some by my kids when we have been out and about together.


One response to “About

  1. As a non-Red Sox fan it did seem fitting that the Babe’s birthplace saw the demise of the Red Sox. Gonzalez complaining about playing Sunday night games reminded me of the “THE ROCKET” complaining about carrying his own bags. Who knows maybe the Rays will show the way for the Sox to re-tool. Jennings vs. Crawford. Damon showing the way again. Shields vs. Beckett, Hellikson vs. Lester, Price vs. anyone. Tito looks to be gone because of the country club atmosphere just like the 50’s and 60’s Sox. Steve on his way to play in the Northeast 10 Golf tournament wish him luck.
    Great Job Steve!

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