Twin Adventures – 22 months old

The twins have just grown beyond the 22 month old mark. I know, at some point soon, their ages will be measured in fractions of years. Either way they are growing up too fast. These pictures were taken in our family room. Just another morning at home with Dad. Nothing special, but totally special all the time. Enjoy.


Theodore is constantly pouring and mixing anything he can. Jacqueline, ever the boss, seems to approve of his efforts.


The twins take a break from their rigorous work schedule to smile for the camera.


At an early age Jacqueline has already learned the "lean into a picture frame" move. Theodore is just antsy to get back to work.


Okay, he's my youngest son. We love his hair. But can't you see this young man, give or take a few years of wear, as the front man for an 80's band? Dennis DeYoung anyone?


After Dad gave them their required 15 minute break, Theodore enjoys the punchline of a joke Jacqueline is telling.


Jacqueline makes a move for center stage. Although her approach is not convincing her brother that she'll make it.


The twins enjoy their break from work by getting plain silly.

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