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Green Ceiling

Before the leaves turned, and before the weather changed, there was green.

Along the trails, the sun lit the forest, worthy of being seen.



The Story of the Show Tree


Grasmere grandeur. (c) 1inawesomewonder 2016. (click on image to enlarge)

This tree dazzled all that passed by, with its’ brilliance in color and personality.

But I paid attention when it beckoned, and I listened to what it had to say to me.

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Tree In Change

It was said, don’t fly too high, or get too close to the sun.

But the trees climb to light, and show themselves to everyone.

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Red Carpet

Red carpet coming down Mt. Kearsarge. (C) 1inawesomewonder.com 2016.

The Property (Ours and Flowers)

We are so busy in our lives. There’s time, but too rare is it that time, we make. Mostly, it is the allowances that we welcome, our time it does take. So, slow down, take ten minutes or so, and go where this takes you. It’s safe I assure you, and visit as often as you would like to.

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North Uncanoonuc Foliage

Back on the 1st of November, I tackled a short, but quite steep hike up North Uncanoonuc Mountain. The trail climbs quickly even if it’s really quite short. The real prize though, was getting to the top of the undeveloped mountain and seeing all the wonderful views in various directions. I can only imagine how many generations of native americans, and then settlers, who had climbed this same mountain to see what there was to see from the top.

Color in the shadows

Rocks and holes

Looking up at red

Window with a view

Colors close to the top

Depth of color inspire the climb

On north looking to South

Looking at Manchester

South Moutain and Manchester in the valley

The old and the young

The end

Shades of red

North Uncanoonuc top

Looking at South Uncanoonuc Mountain

Walking the Uncanoonucs


Trailhead View

Looking past the reservoirs out to the hills.


Fallen leaves soften the trail.


A small brook trickles through the colors.


Sometimes the woods just describe their own picture.

Depth of color

Beautiful fall colors at all levels.

Wild window

Windows in the woods only reveal themselves when present.


From the ground the colors climbed like a flame.

Corridor Color

Oh to feel the power of the One who colors each leaf and needle.

Corridor Color 2

The colors shine brightly without any help from man’s creation.

Beaver done

Maybe only the forest’s hardest worker built this.

Flood of color

I sat in the beaver’s back yard and took in the sights.

Water fraction

Just a little water running, but the sound filled the space.