Ready? Go! Throw

In this case the twin sister taketh and the twin sister giveth back, well sort of. Recently a series of interactions appear to have taken the form of a routine between the twins.

This morning Theodore was playing with a face cloth on which he had placed a sticker. He was just carrying it around as he made his way around the play area. Enter Jacqueline. She managed to divert his attention and walk off with the face cloth. This sent Theodore into an immediate unhappy state. Enter Dad. I asked Jacqueline to please give the face cloth back to Theodore. I was expecting some resistance, but instead got the following:

With the face cloth in her left hand, facing Theodore. She is slightly bent at the waist, knees bent, like she’s trying to lean in and deliver the perfect pitch to a child learning to hit a baseball. She swings her arm back and forth like a little pendulum.
She says, “Ready?”

Standing and facing her in a less than ready position. Upon her question of “Ready?” he immediately responds with, “Go!”

With perfect timing she releases the face cloth at the top of her arm swing as her brother says, “Go!” This sends the face cloth fluttering into the air for a brief second. The cloth lands harmlessly on the floor at Theodore’s feet.

He bends down, picks up the cloth, and matter of fact-ly says, “Tank eew.”

That was it. I think he played with the cloth for another 30 seconds and they just moved on to the next thing. But the little interaction of ‘ready, go, throw’ was pretty cute. I’m sure I’ll see it again soon.

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