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Sunny, snow, rain, sleet shower

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All at once the snow starting falling. Sleet was bouncing off of the side of the house. We could see it and hear it. Drops of rain were mixed in. Then the sun poked through, casting shadows and making for … Continue reading

Twin Adventures – Dancing and Somersaults

This is my first attempt at adding video to a post. We have a very small, inexpensive video camera that’s about the size of the wallet I used to carry. Small. It does take video though. The quality of the video is probably not that good. The content is priceless.

Scared of a cat

I took this quick picture of a pair of white-tailed deer that suddenly appeared on the little hill next to our house. I took this picture through the window with my smaller lens on the camera so it didn’t come out so well. While I was standing there looking at them, they suddenly turned and ran. I looked to my left to see if a car was coming up the driveway and scared them. Nothing. I looked to my right to see our house cat cautiously creeping from boulder to boulder as if he were hunting. Then the cat turned directly toward the deer, and the deer ran back into the woods. So, that was it, the deer were just scared of a cat.

IMG_7427 (2)