Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Not alone

No matter the time. No matter the place. No matter the circumstance. You are not alone. From the human, earthly approach, someone, somewhere, has probably been there before. Or at least in a situation requiring the same thought process and causing the same group of feelings. We are not abnormal, lonely, individuals that have set some new level of being down, out, or just lost. Someone else is out there thinking the same things and wondering the same things. There’s strength in numbers so take whatever comfort you can from the fact that the emotional ledge you’re on may be just above or below from a ledge with others thinking the same things. Get off the ledge. Band together. You are not alone. Talk it out. A spin the lens as many times as you need to in order to find the focus. It’s there. Just has to be done. There’s a way. You’ll find it.

From the heavenly side of things, God is there. Always. You’re never alone, no matter what. I am not alone. You  are not alone. When you have exhausted yourself with your discussions internally, don’t stop talking. Talk with God. He’ll listen every time and he doesn’t usually talk back like we do to ourselves. Plus, what do we know? Actually, I would be willing to bet that we usually know the answer, we have somehow lost the way to execute the right answers. You’re not alone. Trust me. Not alone. Slow your spin down. Don’t spiral. Grab a visual/mental point on the horizon and work from there. There’s a correct way to proceed. You will find it. If not, ask. You are not alone. We are not alone. I am not alone.