Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

Birds scatter

This morning I came downstairs with the twins at around 7:45 am. This morning the weather is a little bit more like what we’d expect to see in NH during March. It was 40 degrees and raining when we came downstairs. Just a cool, wet, dark morning. A good morning to be inside.

So, as I was getting the twins something to eat, getting them some milk, and settling into our family room, I noticed several birds moving about in the back yard. The side of our family room that faces the back yard is mostly windows which offers a great vantage point of the comings and goings in the back yard. All at once the robins, the blue jays, the black-capped chickadees, and a single red winged blackbird all took off. The birds scattered in all directions. There was enough sudden movement that it caught my eye. Something else caught my eye too, a much larger bird. This large bird swooped down and gracefully landed in a young pine sapling. I grabbed my camera. I had the lens cap off, and was headed to the sliding glass door to take a picture. As I moved across the room, this beautiful Cooper’s Hawk took off just as quickly as it had appeared. With just a couple powerful strokes of its wings it was gone, climbing to the top of a distant pine tree. Within a minute or two the other birds all returned and carried on as if nothing had happened.