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To Lay Me Down

Some days go by and my thoughts race and erase with the pace of fleeting time. Then there are days like today when I see things that are no longer in front of my eyes. Continue reading

Against the Grain


Against the Grain


I am here, I just don’t know if you can see me.

Here is where it all begins, but so far, there is no end.

You were here once it seems, but were you, then again.

Maybe it was me, and what I wanted, I had to pretend.


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We see you there and we ask why
Shouldn’t we just pass you by?
Life lessons tell us this is bad
We know; our mind’s eye is sad
Experience says this can’t go well
We’re all here so what do you tell
We close our eyes expecting mostly nil
We listen, then silence, all is still
We look, to be sure you’re still there
Holding our gaze we wait with despair
Then it happens, your mouth opens
The sounds, as if from the heavens
We peek; to see, is to believe
Caught in the moment we perceive
Black again descends, we float
Preconceptions we try to demote
We’re in awe and a little red
The voice, I mean nobody said
From the shell our eyes do see 
That an angels voice doth speak
Beauty so pure we have to account
Speechless, only tears flow about
Smiles press our lips as you sing
Pride tucked deep this is the real thing
Thanks for the courage to stand there
And let us who question, even dare
Impressions led us astray once again
You sang for us as if life depend
And we were in awe, even shocked
What did we know? We mocked
Pure as the driven snow, you shared
We quivered by the truth you bared
With nothing to lose you may have guessed
We went away in awe, thoroughly impressed