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We Miss You Mrs. Tefft

Tomorrow, another school year begins in Goffstown, NH. Yet, tonight, for the third time in four days, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the obituary for Mrs. Tefft online. We all should be seeing her tomorrow, standing out front, smiling, and greeting all. Imagine how long the list of accolades and kind words would be if Mrs. Tefft hadn’t been taken so soon. We were some of the fortunate ones that got to feel her impact. We all will miss her here in this community. Continue reading

Hammock Hike


My view of the stream and Kimball Pond from my hammock. (c) 1inawesomewonder.

Last week I picked a day when it was rainy, windy, and only 45°F outside to take a little hike. I wanted to see how I would do with making myself a little tarp shelter over my hammock. So, I did a nice short hike along the western shores of Kimball Pond, and on the way back, I looked a for a spot to set up. I found a little feeder stream running into the pond off of the hills to the west of the pond. I followed the small stream for a short distance and picked a spot between some trees, right along side the stream. It only took me maybe 20-25 minutes to set up, even though I didn’t have a complete plan of what I wanted to do.


The tarp was enough to keep the hammock, my bag, coat, and boots dry and out of the rain. Nothing special, but it worked. (c) 1inawesomewonder.


I have to say, for a wet, cool day, I was pretty comfortable. If I were to stay there though, I would have needed a sleeping bag at a minimum, to stay warm. (c) 1inawesomewonder.

Winter Workout

The other day I was out in the Kuncanowet Forest again. I can’t seem to get enough of those trails through the woods. It’s beautiful country for sure.

Despite the incredibly warm weather we have been getting here in NH during late January and into February, the trails out in the forest were very icy and slick. The temperature was 57° F when I started the hike, but only 41° F when I finished. The wind was howling for most of the time. I ended up covering a little more than 6 miles but it took me much longer than I had anticipated. So very many of steps had to be carefully planned. I held onto trees and rocks to keep myself upright. I did take one pretty good spill while ascending an ice-covered slope disguised as a nice soft hillside covered in leaves.

The back country out there is just beautiful. The old growth trees in some parts are just amazing. I look forward to getting back out there soon. I saw sign of deer, moose, bobcat, porcupine, coyote, beaver, otter, and numerous birds.

I took a couple of pictures with my phone along the hike.

There is some rugged terrain out in this forest.

There is some rugged terrain out in this forest. 1inawesomewonder (C)

This slope was a little bit sketchy to get by, with so much ice.

This slope was a little bit sketchy to get by, with so much ice. 1inawesomewonder (C)

One of many big ole trees in the forest.

One of many big ole trees in the forest. 1inawesomewonder (C)


Gorham Pond from the other side. 1inawesomewonder (C)

I hiked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 6.03mi, time: 03:23:37, pace: 33:48min/mi, speed: 1.78mi/h.


The Walk to Lost Lake

This gallery contains 21 photos.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite photos from my hike into Lost Lake. All Photos by 1inawesomewonder ©. Click “View Slide Show” or click on any of the pictures, to scroll through the images on Onedrive.Live.com. Lost … Continue reading

Walking in the mountain place of the bear

In researching online, some local trails to pursue, I came across the Kuncanowet Town Forest and Conversation Area. I am so glad that I did. This area is, in my opinion, breathtakingly beautiful. I haven’t even explored all of it yet, and I am taken by its overall setting and beauty. Thanks also to Dunbarton Hikes for the useful videos I found on YouTube. God-willing, I will be back in these woods again soon. Enjoy my attempts to capture the magnificent through the lens of my camera; it’s better in person.

Color the woods

At every turn color awaits in this beautiful place.

Shades of yellow and green

The shadows hide from the light, but both seem so perfect here.

Mill Pond Peace

I couldn’t help but smile as this scene opened up in front of me.

Mill Pond Color

Who needs a structure where everything is put together just right.

Leaves in the Sky

Leaves and lilypads in the sky.

Reflection upside down

Nature defines the what’s up and what’s down out here.

Beauty after life

And, long after life has gone, beauty remains.

Along the treeline

Generations of trees appear to be in order here.

Still water reflection

Not a mistake, but if it were, blame the beavers.

Height of color

Below the pond these pines beg you to stand up and take notice.

Old mill site

The beavers now look after the pond that supported this old mill site.