Here you go worker

After a morning visit to My Gym in Bedford, the twins and I came home for two hours of outdoor time before attempting naps. I raked leaves and gathered wood while the twins ran around and played. Jacqueline, doing her best Snow White, was heard exclaiming, “I don’t get killed, I don’t get killed!” Theodore was running too, yelling, “Sister, don’t get killed!” Apparently the wicked queen’s huntsman had been in the yard. All ended well when daddy gave the twins a multiple stop ride in their wagon. We went from station to station to gather the ropes and bungee cords used to tie everything down in preparation for Sandy. At the end of the ride, which covered all of our driveway and yard, they opened the door and stepped out. I told them they had to pay the driver with the cords they were holding for me, in order to enter the house. They thought that was great. They stepped into the garage and handed over the cords, saying almost simultaneously, “Here you go worker.”


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