Daily Archives: November 27, 2012

Thanks #27 (Christmas Season)

I am thankful for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Christmas season. I enjoy the moments that allow for time when I can sneak mentally away to a slower time and pace of Christmas memories past. I’m sure I had more down time then than I do now, and I’m sure I probably complained to my parents at the time that I was bored. I certainly wish I had that time now, and I know I wouldn’t be bored for sure. Time to reflect, time to teach, time to share, time to wish Merry Christmas to others and to make new Christmas memories. I know there are people out there that cringe at the thought of the Christmas season. I say that we, people, are the reason why. We need to have everything bigger, better, and faster than it was before. I’m not knocking the thought process, there’s just something’s that need not be rushed, like time. Time to know and understand the story of Jesus’ birth, and the first Christmas, as it were. Time to remember all those people, places, moments shared, and things that made our Christmases through life so dear. Yes, I’m thankful for the Christmas season and I could do without Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In writing this, I was reminded of a piece I wrote here last year called Sunday Series – Where’s the line?. You can read that too if you would like. I know it’s early, it’s still November, but it’ll be gone quickly. Merry Christmas.