Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Thanks #12 (Weather)

I’m thankful for weather. I know it changes often and it even causes changes to plans. I know it causes damage and can, at times, be harmful. For me, it’s the cold breeze that catches me off guard with a sudden shiver, letting me know I’m very much alive. Or the refreshing clean slate that a fresh blanket of pure white snow can provide, hiding the unclean and the imperfect. Maybe it’s the softest of the rains when I can almost see plant life flourish right before my eyes. Even the freezing rain that weighs down all things on the earth makes me think of the hope I hold to be reunited with loved ones in heaven when the morning sun makes every thing shimmer with amazing light. The warmth of summer nights when the smells of sweet grass and greenery fill the air and take me back to a patch of grass somewhere in my childhood, when tired from outdoor play, I would rest, lie back, and contemplate all things in my adolescent universe. Somehow I am thankful for the cold, cold spells, the ones that make the snow crunch under my feet, and I know as God has planned it, that there are life forms on earth that need the cold, cold to keep them in check, all a part of the balance. There was weather before man and there will be weather after man, and the weather will do as it needs to do to check and balance the planet as we know it. Yes, I’m thankful for the weather.