NYC Christmas Time

Bucket List trip to NYC at Christmas Time – 2016

nyc16 (7)

Aunt Meredith, Mom, Stephen, and Ryan at Rockefeller Center


There were too many places with decorations of all shapes, sizes, and colors to capture them all. I would still be exploring the first five blocks if the trip were on my timetable.

nyc16 (2)

Radio City, one of the biggest reasons Mom wanted to visit the city at Christmas time.

nyc16 (3)

Just a stroll down another street in NYC.

nyc16 (4)

Looking up at the skyline from outside Rockefeller Center.

nyc16 (5)

A panorama stitched together, looking at the rink in Rockefeller Center from W 50th Street.

nyc16 (8)

Scraping the ice at The Rock.

nyc16 (9)

I don’t remember a trip where I spent so much time looking up.

nyc16 (10)

Stephen, Mom, Ryan and Aunt Meredith at along Fifth Avenue.

nyc16 (11)

Looking back at St. Patrick’s Cathedral from Fifth Avenue.

nyc16 (6)

Then, at some point, it’s time to say goodbye. I will share another post with many more pictures from my phone.

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