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These words were shared

I don’t know exactly what you are going through today, but I am praying. In the chaos, frustration, and inconvenience of difficult minutes, hours, and days, look within the seconds and identify that which you can make the best of, and therefore hold on to them forever. Because there’s almost always some thing or some moment that you’ll wish would last forever, even in the hard times. So don’t miss a chance to be great even if nobody else knows it, or if it means it’ll only be great for you to recall for the rest of your life.


Who needs stuff?

We are the asset. Our time, essential. Give of both freely. ~ SWB


Wooded Place

I wrote this because when I walk these woods my mind is at ease and thoughts flow more easily, carrying their own tune. This little story captures walks in those woods from my own real perspective. Upon seeing the picture, a request for some words came in, so I wrote this after noon.

Wooded Place


There’s a wooded place where I like to go
I walk this place even in rain and snow

The sounds of this place please my ears
Quiet, or wind, and birds that often appear

Sight lines here exist only from above
Effort required to see the beauty I love

There’s a trail but in places it’s hard to find
I don’t mind if I wander, so does my mind

Then I see some movement freezing my stride
Looking at the brush where grouse go to hide

Without warning a white-tail I barely could see
Bounds through the forest just as easy as could be

I moved slowly through soft, deep snow and growth
The workout was good but the silence I love most

The trail then opens and I glimpsed the sky
A pair of eagles in training caught my eye

The river nearby I spot ducks and a goose
Having left the bog where I’ve seen many a moose

Finishing the loop I see the dash of a bobtail
Gone in a flash I finish this loop of a trail

Returning to the lot where I parked the car
Reality rushed back where it had seemed so far


You left your mark

Today’s your birthday but you’re not here
Thinking of you draws out lonely tears
You’ve been called home but we celebrate
No longer seen, but for the birth this date
What you did here matters more than now
Leaving your mark, teaching others how
The kid with the eyes that smiled always
Even when the toll’s taken in the last days
My heart sings in memory, our final embrace
Gently searching for the light in your face
Rest in peace my cousin as we carry on
One day ahead we shall all join together yon


We see you there and we ask why
Shouldn’t we just pass you by?
Life lessons tell us this is bad
We know; our mind’s eye is sad
Experience says this can’t go well
We’re all here so what do you tell
We close our eyes expecting mostly nil
We listen, then silence, all is still
We look, to be sure you’re still there
Holding our gaze we wait with despair
Then it happens, your mouth opens
The sounds, as if from the heavens
We peek; to see, is to believe
Caught in the moment we perceive
Black again descends, we float
Preconceptions we try to demote
We’re in awe and a little red
The voice, I mean nobody said
From the shell our eyes do see 
That an angels voice doth speak
Beauty so pure we have to account
Speechless, only tears flow about
Smiles press our lips as you sing
Pride tucked deep this is the real thing
Thanks for the courage to stand there
And let us who question, even dare
Impressions led us astray once again
You sang for us as if life depend
And we were in awe, even shocked
What did we know? We mocked
Pure as the driven snow, you shared
We quivered by the truth you bared
With nothing to lose you may have guessed
We went away in awe, thoroughly impressed

Jacqueline: “I …

Jacqueline: “I want to go to the store and get some Mini Oreo’s.”
Theodore: “Well, I want Mickey Oreo’s.”
Jacqueline: “Once upon a time, I want to go to the store and get Mini Oreo’s, Teddy wants Mickey Oreo’s. The End.”
Theodore: “Let’s put it on the list. I need a pen.”

The twins enjoy the Disney movies and Disney characters. They have several toys from the Disney line of products. Among their favorites are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They are constantly taking inventory of the Mickey and Minnie’s they have. So when talk of Mini Oreo’s started, it was obvious that there also must be Mickey Oreo’s at the store. They talked about this subject off and on, for more than an hour, carrying around a note pad that they claimed had a list including both Minnie, and Mickey Oreo’s.