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All is calm


Green Ceiling

Before the leaves turned, and before the weather changed, there was green.

Along the trails, the sun lit the forest, worthy of being seen.



The Story of the Show Tree


Grasmere grandeur. (c) 1inawesomewonder 2016. (click on image to enlarge)

This tree dazzled all that passed by, with its’ brilliance in color and personality.

But I paid attention when it beckoned, and I listened to what it had to say to me.

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Tree In Change

It was said, don’t fly too high, or get too close to the sun.

But the trees climb to light, and show themselves to everyone.

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Low Ceiling


Dryer Road

St. John River valley big sky. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Sometimes the sky is freedom, other times it presses like a heavy load.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with the view from the old Dryer Road.


Red Carpet

Red carpet coming down Mt. Kearsarge. (C) 2016.


Katahdin Skies


Katahdin 7-22-16

Looking across Salmon Stream to Mt. Katahdin. (C) 2016 1inawesomewonder. (click on the image to enlarge)