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Destination Homestead

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The highways weren’t what they are now. The times were longer and the family car was crowded. The times were most definitely simpler then. There weren’t games to play, isolating ourselves within the car, but games we played involving us … Continue reading


Oh my deer

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These were taken 10 days apart. The top one was in the front yard this morning. The bottom one was from the backyard a week and a half ago. I have seen a few more deer in between, but I … Continue reading


Manchester, NH

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These pictures of Manchester, NH were taken while walking the Piscataquog Trail.


Dressed for the Sox

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Sunny, snow, rain, sleet shower

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All at once the snow starting falling. Sleet was bouncing off of the side of the house. We could see it and hear it. Drops of rain were mixed in. Then the sun poked through, casting shadows and making for … Continue reading


I just scanned some 10 year old pictures

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Pictures from home

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