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This Date, Our Date

March, 2008 – I married Amaris on TigerTail Beach, Marco Island, FL at sunset. It was pretty much, perfect.

March, 2015 – Happy Anniversary Amaris! You are a very special, beautiful, wonderful, loving woman, and I am thrilled to be your husband.

I love you with my entirety and I look forward to the moments we are together, all of them. Sometimes we need to spend time together to challenge each other. Sometimes it’s time to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. Sometimes it’s just time to chill and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes its about intimacy and our combined space. Sometimes it’s about planning, budgeting, and being engaged in a big, very busy, family life. Sometimes it’s just long enough to say hi, share a kiss, and hand off the current day as the other goes on to something else. Sometimes we get together just to have each other’s back and be a parent in the most loving, caring, committed way we know how. Sometimes it’s time spent being strong for the other while outside forces take a toll on one of us. Sometimes we take time to brainstorm, to pray, or just bounce ideas off of each other. Sometimes our time together keeps us under the same roof, but in separate areas so as to give the other a little break. Sometimes we meet at fields, workplaces, parking lots, schools, rinks, events, family members’ homes, or even the side of the road. There are countless scenarios. No matter the case, I am always a little bit happier, a little more excited, a little more giddy, and a little more proud to be a man when I know that our time apart is about to end, and once again I can wrap my arms around my wonderful wife.

Happy Anniversary Amaris! I love you.

~ Steve



Thanks #25 (Sports)

I am thankful for sports. I have spent thousands of hours playing, practicing, teaching, watching, and dreaming in sports. Through sports I learned disciplines. I learned teamwork. I learned respect. I learned how to get along with others. I learned what it meant to be a part of something bigger than myself. I learned how to compete. I learned how to win and lose graciously. I learned motivation and preparation. I learned that nobody else is going to do it for me, and that I’m entitled to nothing. I learned that my skills were proportionately related to the work I put into practicing. I learned humility. I have learned a lot of things through sports. I have experienced many highs, lows, triumphs, and defeats, through sports. I have traveled to many, many places through sports. I have met so many tremendous people through sports. Even now, as I play less and less, sports are a big part of my life, of my kids lives, and I’m thankful.

Labor Day

Today we labored. We labored in, and around the house. We labored in, and around the yard. It is very rewarding. We are proud Americans, and thankful to be living the American dream.