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Lightning Pics from Hartland, NB

This gallery contains 23 photos.

These are still pictures taken from video. These pictures were taken in, and around, Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada. July 2016. My cousin, his girlfriend, and I, spent a couple of hours venturing out in to the warm evening along the … Continue reading

Thanks for this place

The wind whips the snow against the windows I hide behind
Now snow drained clouds drift overhead, flat light I find

Then I notice in the distance, blue sky encroaches this scene
With it, the cold icy winds bring air so crisp and clean

I watch the mercury in red, drop beneath this crystal sky
To the Lord I give thanks for this place, warm and dry


Wind Blown Leaves

This picture is in full color. All I did was just crop the photo.

Strong, warm winds from the south brought in thick clouds and tore leaves from their lofty perch. The warmth of the winds had temperatures in the low 60’s by 9am on November 1st.

018 (1720x1147)

Hurricane Sandy, and other things

It’s Monday morning here in Southern New Hampshire. Hurricane Sandy is spinning and moving in towards land in the Northeast. School has been cancelled here in our town today. All youth hockey practices have been cancelled today/tonight for our youth program. As hockey players/parents know, hockey never gets cancelled. Needless to say, this is HUGE.

I have a son at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, which currently, is further from the storm than the rest of us. This storm is massive and will affect thousands of miles of land in the U.S. and Canada. Activities and classes are running as scheduled at Dartmouth today.

I have a son at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. Classes and activities there have already been closed for today and tomorrow. They are expecting wind gusts as high as 65-70 miles per hour today and into tomorrow. Naturally, I’m worried. He’s just upset there’s no team weightlifting for baseball today.

My wife is at work, unfortunately. Fidelity, like hockey, rarely, if ever, gets shut down. Hopefully she’ll return safely to us very soon.

Here, we have things tied down. We have prepared as best we can. I’m worried about the two oak trees closest to the house in the back yard. They’re both going to be blowing toward the house as today’s wind patterns intensify.

These things are visible, tangible, and only so much of it is within our control. So, I pray as I can only control so much. As much as I worry or share concern here, some 600+ miles from here lies another concern. My uncle is in the hospital, recovering from a knee replacement, and two days later, a heart attack. He’s been hanging by threads, many of which we cannot see. He has his family with, and around him. They are the threads we can see. Thousands of prayers for his recovery and God’s will, continue to be prayed. Please get well soon.

Hurricane Sandy 10-29-2012
(photo by University of Wisconsin)


Hurricane Sandy
(Courtesy the Wall Street Journal)


Hurricane Sandy
(photo by University of Wisconsin)