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Photography 101.

A few rays from the sun find their way through the forest branches to warm the bark of this birch tree on a November afternoon in NH.

Warmth - Birch Tree

Warmth – Birch Tree


Thanks #10 (Sunshine)

I’m thankful for sunshine, aside from the obvious and scientific reasons why the sun is important to our existence. I think each of us, at one point or another, thinks that the sun shines just on us for moments here and there. I am thankful for those moments. There are so many of them. Like stepping from the cold shade of winter to catch a few rays of warmth while it lasts. Or the first rays of direct sunlight as they seemingly inch their way above the horizon. Maybe it’s the sense of sympathy shared with a pair of horses that have found the high spot of ground against a shingle sided barn that is facing east, where they stand still for long stretches of time to gather the morning sun’s warm rays. It could be a face full of rays coming from the orange-ish, pink, to red ball hovering low for the daylight’s last moments as it spreads those orange tones across those who are there to see it. I dare say that the sun’s setting glow is light, that when seen in another’s face, always makes them look younger. It could be the sun against a clear blue sky that makes it look like highest sky you ever saw. Maybe even the sunlight of an early summer evening when our body and mind feel that the day should be done, yet the sun shines on, and we can’t help but smile. How about a leisurely drive beneath the sunshine that filters through the greens of the trees, casting and creating shadowy shapes on the forest floor, when all at once you feel the warmth among the pleasant cool of shade, all while being held cozily among the sweet air and closeness of the trees? No matter the moment, I’m thankful for sunshine.