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Dirt Road, Dirt Dawg

After Theodore and I attended the Wachusett Dirt Dawgs’ home opener last week in Leominster, Mass. Theodore has some of his own memories.  We went to see his big brother Ryan play and to take in the game. While at the game Theodore had a few interactions with the Dirt Dawg mascot. Theodore loved the big dog but was a little bit afraid. When we left the field that night we ran into ‘Digger’ (the mascot) again and Theodore gave him a high-five. As we walked past, Theodore turned back in all of his sweetness and said, “I love you Dirt Dawg, I love you. Bye-bye. See you next time.”

Fast forward to yesterday and a long route I took to a friend’s house. We were driving on a dirt road when Theodore piped up from the back of the van, asking: “What road is this Daddy?” I just said it was a dirt road. Theodore, running thoughts together instantly, said: “A dirt road? This is where Dirt Dawgs live. This is their home.” I laughed in agreement, and I let him know that I thought it was a pretty good line of thinking. He was really happy to be on that dirt road, in Dirt Dawg country.

Digger, the Dirt Dawg on opening night at Doyle Field. (Photo credit to the Wachusett Dirt Dawgs)