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He Was There

Christmas Day 2016, my first Christmas without my Dad here

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My Love, My Wife

Hair of gold runs away from that perfect smile

Don’t mind me if I just grin and stare awhile


Lips so soft and full, they call out to me

Those are taken, we vowed, don’t you see


Cool to the touch, your shoulders I touch

Close to you, time spent, never too much


Your hands reach for nobody else, just to yours

That, I am, your touch the greatest of all cures


Oh save that smile for me beautiful, please

In the entire world nothing more puts me at ease


Let your hair dance in the breeze around my face

It tickles some but I’ll never give up this place


Let the sparkle in your eyes be ours to share alone

Only in your gaze does the coming of time postpone


Dearest love, hold me longer for its never sufficient

My life turned, finding you, my heaven-sent


Save the shadows and the less noticeable places

For you and I, the thought, my heart races


Tug at me love, I’m strong and I won’t break

I am yours, always here, our life only we make


Want not for anything my love, I’m yours, me

If I am not, I will, always the husband I need to be


I was looking; I found you, my love, my wife

My everything, I give you, for the rest of my life



Photography 101 – Bliss

  1. 1.
    perfect happiness; great joy.

Abrams Pond, Maine