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Blessed Mornings

So, time and time again I stop and consider just how fortunate I am. I mean life is hectic. Something always gets in the way of something else. Demands on my time seem to have no end. Others come first, and there just seems to be so many ‘others’. Days run right into weeks and the top of to-do lists turn upside down, and even start over again. Sometimes I think this pace approaches madness. Early morning, late nights, full days, never enough time.

Then; Then right in the middle of overtired, battling every cold that comes home, body aching, attitudes in need of adjustment, and a list of things to get done that just won’t quit; there is peace in prayer. There is peace in meditation. There is peace in the quiet moments that never seem to linger long enough.

The twins on a quiet fall morning. The sun was rising and the shadows were long. My oh my, they're beautiful children. I'm a blessed man on another blessed morning.

The twins on a quiet fall morning. The sun was rising and the shadows were long. My oh my, they’re beautiful children. I’m a blessed man on another blessed morning. photo by 1inawesomewonder (C).

Pre-Work Work

The twins and I got outside this morning for a little yard work. There’s a lot of snow here and the ground is still very much frozen, but we collected enough sticks, fallen branches, twigs, and brush to get a nice fire going.

Twin teamwork

Twin teamwork



















In Good Hands

We have experienced our share of sickness this winter season, but we are in good hands. See, we have a pair of doctors living among us…

Dr. Thomas FeatherDuster and Dr. Lisa

Dr. Thomas FeatherDuster and Dr. Lisa



Photography 101.

I had to go with an older photo of our, now 4-year-old, twins. There’s no double that I love more than this double. The twins at one month old.


Theodore and Jacqueline at one month old. 2010.


Today’s Cure: Healthy Imagination

After a relatively sleepless night dealing with coughs, colds, fevers, and a case of croup, the twins and I are settled in for the day. We received 3 or 4 inches of wet snow overnight. It’ll likely disappear by the end of the day, but there’s still several inches of frozen snow in the yard under the fresh stuff.

We decided to keep the twins home from pre-pre school this morning. So now it’s the three of us, home for the day. All of us are battling various levels of cough and congestion. To hear the coughs and see the eyes, you’d think this is a dreadful place to be.

Then the nearly four-year old voices speak. They speak in crackling, mildly hoarse voices broken by coughs and sneezes. At the moment, Theodore just had pulled on his shirt for the new day.

Jacqueline: “WHOA! Teddy that’s a really cool moose hunter shirt!”

Theodore: “That’s not a moose hunter sister. It’s just a moose. See?”

Jacqueline: “That sure is a neat moose shirt, you have there. I really like it.”

Theodore: “Thank you sister. I like this moose shirt.” (As he leaned in for an unrehearsed, but perfectly timed hug from his twin sister)

Off they went to their toy boxes. Coughing, sneezing, crackling away, but just doing what they do. Playing together and letting imagination rule the moment. In a room full of the sounds and signs of sickness, imaginations are quite healthy.


Lunch Time!

As far as I know, this reaction was not planned. The twins were playing, then they heard the toaster ‘pop’, and Theodore quietly asked, “It’s lunch time?” I said, “Yes, it’s lunch time.” Instantly both of them, from different areas of the house began jumping up and down while screaming, “It’s lunch time! It’s lunch time!”, many times over. I grabbed my iPad for a video opportunity and caught the end of their celebration…

After making the toasted sandwiches, and witnessing such a celebration, Jacqueline told me she wasn’t even hungry. I laughed. Theodore did eat his sandwich though. Today featured a joyous lunch time even though some did not actually eat.

The bottom of the snow man

Okay this is one of the cutest things I’ve heard in a long time. After pointing out numerous icons, pictures, and various graphics on a map of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we came to a picture of a yeti. I referred to it as The Abominable Snow Man from the holiday special and that some people call it a yeti. Anyway, just minutes later as I playfully chased the twins down the hall, Jacqueline stopped me and said, “Dad, wait. Chase us, but be the bottom of the snow man.” It took me a second before I smiled and resumed chasing them, but I was now being the abominable snow man.