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Lost in place

I waded through the layers that separated the you from me
I peered into the depths of darkness in the place of we

I gave benefits despite the doubt, everything was all I tried
It was the answer missing that dropped me to the floor, I cried

Pains ran in every direction from my heart, it hurt in every limb
How was it that the known wasn't a better choice than the him

The surface is calm but I read between the lines on your face
Without leaving, I have somehow still managed to lose my place

But where is it I will go, for this I chose, and it's all I know
Do I let you hide in plain sight, while I weep in the places I go

I fear that which was lost, together, we could never find again
So I steal away to the silence and serene to contemplate our end

Is it possible to reach the point where all is gone but goodbye
Without the answers to the questions that all begin with why

My little girl

Sometimes a path seems too familiar to be different from one I have seen before.



Words, they come with time, I pray between
Too much I remember from the places I’ve seen
Silence fills the space, light is driven from this place
A picture painted by the shadows in her face…”


The room I enter proves that she’s still here
Confused and spent, I smile, happy to see her
That’s my little girl curled up, barely awake
I sit, I wonder, if she’ll apply all that it takes
I know she knows, it’s been instilled from day one
But like the saying goes, easier said than done
I might even say that’s me, lying silently near my chair
Peace, calm, and content mask the inner despair
Those eyes are so familiar now as I stare
My own blood runs through those veins there
I’ve seen the lines on those hands somewhere before
My palms turned up seeking answers too hard to ignore
The profile is the same as the one I’ve seen for years
My mirror reflects it when I hide there from my fears
Traits so familiar as if they were my very…

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