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Thanks for this place

The wind whips the snow against the windows I hide behind
Now snow drained clouds drift overhead, flat light I find

Then I notice in the distance, blue sky encroaches this scene
With it, the cold icy winds bring air so crisp and clean

I watch the mercury in red, drop beneath this crystal sky
To the Lord I give thanks for this place, warm and dry


What’s on my mind?

Thanks to Facebook, I answer this question a lot, What’s on my mind? Usually I answer that question quietly, to myself. Since last night though, I have noted a few things that are wandering through my mind. No agenda, just thoughts. Boring? Probably, but it’s my blog so here I share.

What’s on my mind…between last night and this morning? Well, I was thinking about a few things, in no particular order…

1)         My parents are on my mind. How much did they think they knew about parenting when I was born and forced their hand?

2)         Did they ever search for a script on how to get through a day or night?

3)         Just as I am sure the sun rises everyday, I know I am prayed for by my parents every day, 46+ years and counting

4)         These words rattle in the space between my ears today…So I wrote these words, and I hope they last. For the years have come, and the years have passed. Think of all they gave, think of all the debt. But can’t find a way, to repay them yet…

5)         Does everyone have a band they relate to like I do with TSO?

6)         I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument

7)         Maybe someday I will learn to play guitar or the piano

8)         I miss skating on the Rideau Canal with my kids this winter

9)         I wish I had more time with all of my kids, at all of their ages, past and present

10)     I could have been so much better

11)     I am actually glad that I cannot post this stuff from my phone

12)     That’s not a dig Jim Cardello

13)     I really do get frustrated with the level of development, or lack thereof, among baseball players from Little League ages all the way into the college ranks

14)     Don’t hold a title, perform the job description

15)     If you don’t like the job description, redefine it (written word not necessary)

16)     There’s black and white, and there is grey, but there’s always right

17)     Don’t forget the chase in “dump and chase”

18)     I have the best people in the world all around me, and I need to hold my end of the bargain

19)     Imagine how much more we would respect and appreciate the land around us if we couldn’t drive or fly, and had to walk every inch of it

20)     Wouldn’t everyone be better for having been a part of a team that truly defined all that is team, at least once?

21)     Does anyone else scour Google Maps constantly just to look at various places in the world? I am always searching Alaska, Maine, Northern Ontario, and Montana

22)     I love teaching kids about our national pastime, even if nobody thinks it’s our pastime anymore

23)     Quality of life is what I measure jobs, titles, and salaries against because happily living each and every 24 hours is way more important than the other stuff

24)     Each day should give us enough time to just be alone with our thoughts for a time

25)     I once called in sick to work just so I could be outside and take 1,000 free throws on a public outdoor basketball court

26)     I made almost 900 of the 1,000 shots I took that day

27)     I can’t wait for the Olympics

28)     It’s cold, but I find enjoyment in all of the seasons

29)     Seeing my breath and feeling a chill to the bone reminds me that I am very much alive

30)     Being very much alive reminds me that I am blessed more times over than I could ever count

31)     I have a truly awesome wife

32)     My kids are incredible

33)     I can’t stand how much I/we rely on gas/oil/propane

34)     Moose are my favorite animal but I have always thought horses are absolutely beautiful

35)     I wish the open range was still open

36)     If only there was more time to make lists like this…

Happy Thanksgiving!


Remembering Veteran’s Day

This morning is Veteran’s Day. In Canada it’s Remembrance Day. In my home we are honoring, remembering, respecting, and we are thankful for our Veteran’s, past, present, and future.

I am home with my three youngest children this morning and I want them to know what this means, and why we remember. A few minutes ago, my son came into the office and asked if I had just heard Theodore yelling. I said I had. He asked me if I knew why he was yelling so loud. I did not. He shared with me that the Star Spangled Banner had come on the TV in the family room, and that Theodore, on his own, sang “…of the brave” as loud as he could to end the Anthem.

A minute later Theodore pulled up a rocking chair beside me, and in the presence of his older brother, twin sister and I; he demanded silence as he attempted to sing the National Anthem on his own. It was adorable as he repeated a few lines here and there that were combined with other lines, but he gave it his best shot. He also knew that all should be quiet while he sang the song.

Then I played Madison Rising’s version of the Star Spangled Banner (which we all love). We played it a few times. Jacqueline held a little rhythm and pretended to sing the words, and we all enjoyed it, together.

But, more importantly, we recognize that among the reasons we have a morning like this to enjoy at all, is because the greatest forces of men and women in the history of mankind have defended our freedoms and beliefs. They were the best, they are the best, they will be the best. Most of us truly don’t have a clue as to what these brave men and women have endured, braved, and walked towards even when every fiber of their being would tell them to run the other way. For them, for all of them, I, we, are thankful. I wouldn’t even want to imagine it another way.

Our military, our armed forces, these fellow countrymen and women continue to do what is asked of them, day after day. Right, wrong, agreed, or disagreed, they go. They take each and every day seriously, and assume nothing. They go. They train. They are there. There are here, now. They are the best, and they still walk in harm’s way everyday. This day is not just about a time long ago, it’s about all times. It’s about times we haven’t yet experienced. It’s about times we are fortunate enough to not have experienced. Today is as important now as it would have been at any other time, or at any other time to come. A friend of mine who is very close to our military, recently made a comment to me after attending three military funerals in one day, to the effect of, wishing people understood how much warring is still going on. I don’t know which affected me more, the commentary itself, or the fact that this person (and so many others) deals with this kind of thing more often than a lot of us stop to even think about our men and women serving.

It’s Veteran’s Day. It’s Remembrance Day. Please take this time seriously. Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Either way, always remember. Always respect. Always be thankful. We have so much to be thankful for.

I have included below, a poem that came to me two years ago. I know it’s not the best verse ever, but it’s tied to strong emotions. I really did wake up in the middle of the night with most of the words to this little poem. Obviously, these thoughts are never far from my mind. It’s not the first time I awoke in thought on these matters, nor has it been the last.

Remember more often, remember with others aloud
Remember more than today, remember they should feel proud
Remember to thank them, remember that is for always
Remember to be respectful, remember not just holidays
Remember we have no idea, remember they have been there
Remember our freedoms; remember they walked where most don’t dare
Remember that there are triggers, remember they relive then
Remember we have a place, remember we can love, we’ve never been
Remember heroes, do remember; remember time spent is a prize
Remember we can help them; remember to look into their eyes
Remember they didn’t always know why, remember they went on call
Remember some disagreed; remember them, not one, but all
Remember how we live today; remember it could have been a different way
Remember our men and women, remember them, embrace them today
Remember that memories don’t end; remember we must pass this on
Remember those serving today; remember all, not just those who are gone
Remember every day, remember, certainly, on this Veteran’s Day
Remember our place; remember we’re thankful supporters in every way

Power thanks

I am thankful we have our power back. The generator performed exactly as we had hoped it would. It allowed us to stay in our own home, with heat, hot water, and the comforts of home. After 3.5 days living on the generator it’s nice to know I don’t have to track the times I filled the generator with gas. We are spoiled by all the things we have and all the things we take for granted. I am thankful for all we have and for my amazing family with whom we share each day. I do give a power thanks for the return to some normalcy in our everyday.