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On My Mind and More

Well, sometimes I look at Facebook, and I respond literally to the question: “What’s on your mind?” Today I had a whole slew of answers, some of which I verbalized into the empty room surrounding me. Mostly they were superficial and not predicated on anything too important. Continue reading

Happy Independence Day

IMG_5846 (2)

God bless the USA


Enjoying the freedoms we still have.

May God bless the USA.

Once in a lifetime

Sometimes a moment or even an opportunity comes along that almost seems too good to be true. And sometimes, it is true. And then still other times, it’s true, and better than good. Thank God that reality doesn’t get hemmed in by the parameters of my small mind.

Not too long ago, I had a once in a lifetime moment that lasted nearly one full week. All I can say is that I’m thankful for those I shared it with. I’m thankful that God gave me the wherewithal to sit quietly (some of the time) and enjoy each minute for all it meant to those around me, and even then I probably missed too much. I’m eternally grateful for my brother’s generosity as I could never repay the cost of bringing the moment to reality for so many of us. So much further than that, I could not begin to put a price on the memories shared daily with me. Nor could I replace with anywhere near the value, that which I still hear two months later, in commentary oozing with excitement and pure joy almost every day.

No matter how, no matter where, no matter when, no matter who, no matter what, that once in a lifetime moment will always stand alone. I hope I never forget it. Those of us fortunate enough to be there and experience it together will never let us forget it. I know I’ve said thank you, sincerely, many times over, but somehow it still feels like that is not enough. So, this humble attempt to put into words, my thanks, and the depth of experience our once in a lifetime moment together means to me, might fall short too. It’s been on my mind since before we ever gathered for the moment we all shared together and I imagine it will stay with me for quite some time.

Again, I say thank you. There will be moments described as “once in a lifetime” in the future and they’ll be accurately described. But this one will always be it’s own. It’ll grow in time, and lore will only reinforce the true joy we experienced once in a lifetime, together.

The day after

The day after; it’s been just a day, a single day. I went to bed early this evening because I was completely wiped out. Exhausted. All I wanted to do was to lie down, close my eyes, turn my brain off, and drift off to restful slumber. Well, I got some of it done, but the brain just wouldn’t quit. The last few days have been overwhelming for a number of reasons. And after a brief stop on the couch, I find myself here, in front of the keyboard with a headache and nothing specific to write. I have been praying for words over the last two days, and I trust they will come.

Before I go too far with this piece of writing, and I honestly don’t have an idea where this is going to go, but I have a hunch it’ll drift towards an area some 350 miles northeast of here before I get done, I wanted to say a few words to a whole lot of people. First, I am my mother’s son and there was no way my mother was going to miss the remembrance and celebration of Janette Peterson’s life. Second, I am Lloyd and Janette’s nephew and there was no way I was going to miss the remembrance and celebration of Aunt Janette’s life. Third, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you all for the support, for your kind words, and your encouragement. Fourth, I am honored. It is my honor to share the thoughts, memories, perspectives, and principles I have accumulated through the observance of, and interactions with, the tremendous family I have been surrounded by for my entire life. Fifth, I am humbled. I am taken aback, and deeply humbled by the outpouring of comments, thoughts, words, thank you’s, hugs, and encouragement I have received in just the last few days regarding the words I share through writing. I came to New Brunswick like the rest of you, to celebrate and remember Janette, and maybe be the help a friend or family member needed in the moment we were with one another. I struggle to find myself remotely worthy of the praise and the many kind words I have received in the last several days. Finally, I am proud to be the son of a Beal and a Peterson. Biased, I am sure, I don’t think I could have asked God to do me any better than He did. I am the first person in history to be born of both these Beal’s and these Peterson’s, and I couldn’t be more proud of the family members that came before, or since, my existence began.

Since I have started writing on a fairly consistent basis, I find that words often come more easily to me than I ever would have guessed. I mean, when I started writing I laughed at myself (often times, I still do) because I wondered who in the world would ever want to read anything I ever wrote unless it was something about their kid playing in a game or something. Then I asked myself, what on earth would I ever write about?  I feared I had nothing to say. Now I find things I would like to write about quite a lot. Then there’s tonight, when I feel like I could take the next two months and write non-stop about the things that have crossed my mind since Friday evening, but I can’t focus in on a single word, let alone a single thought. So, my head just hurts, in part from fatigue, in part from scrambling thoughts, memories, emotions, smiles and fears. Mostly I wonder about my 6 cousins who just lost their mother, and the husband, my uncle, who lost his wife.

I hurt for them. I think of them. I pray for them. I wish myself useful to them. If I could be the door that they all could walk through and be with Janette again, I would pursue each of them and allow them passage again and again. If I could be the last thought in their mind ensuring they drifted off to sleep I would be a memory of Janette that cannot be pondered, ever, without bringing a smile to their lips. If I could be the thing that let them finally expel that deep breath, that let them drop their shoulders, that allowed them to release the tension in their necks, and fondly remember Janette, now at His table, I would be there at the ready urging them to indulge. If I could be the example to them, the one that answered all of life’s questions, or at least gave them proper direction, I would defer, and ask that they just remember Janette, and truly understand all that she was, and for all that she stood for. And if I could be their sincere, silent prayer that ensured that any of them, or their families, could forever be at Janette’s knee, I would be bowed in focused reverence before my Lord whispering the words for them to follow right into salvation.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this to read the way it does, but here it is. I sit in the dark at my computer, wishing I was physically closer to the family in this time of need. Before I head off to bed I just need to say again, Uncle Lloyd, I love you. You know how I felt about Aunt Janette. I love your family, and if I can be of any help, just ask. I miss you all. I pray for all the Peterson’s often, and when I am not praying, it’s quite likely that I am still thinking about you all. It’s been a single day, the day after.

My Aunt Janette.

I said please already

Theodore and Jacqueline asked me for a snack. In this case they wanted some fruit snacks. Or as Theodore says, “fruit nacks”.

As I rose to get them their snacks, I asked, “What do you say?”

Theodore: “Pleeeeaaaase?” Then he asked me to bend down so he could give me a hug.

Jacqueline: “I said please already.”

Me: “We need to say please every time, right?”

Jacqueline: “I know. Please? I have to say it to you and Grammy.”

I guess she has figured out who the real sticklers are in regard to her saying please and thank you.

As I handed them their snacks, they both yelled, “Thank you Daddy!”