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Lost in place

I waded through the layers that separated the you from me
I peered into the depths of darkness in the place of we

I gave benefits despite the doubt, everything was all I tried
It was the answer missing that dropped me to the floor, I cried

Pains ran in every direction from my heart, it hurt in every limb
How was it that the known wasn't a better choice than the him

The surface is calm but I read between the lines on your face
Without leaving, I have somehow still managed to lose my place

But where is it I will go, for this I chose, and it's all I know
Do I let you hide in plain sight, while I weep in the places I go

I fear that which was lost, together, we could never find again
So I steal away to the silence and serene to contemplate our end

Is it possible to reach the point where all is gone but goodbye
Without the answers to the questions that all begin with why

Mean What You Say II

Like each drop of water running through my favorite stream, your words to me matter

I find they are tossed conveniently away though, often, my heart in balance, left to shatter



Day after day I return to this stream, perfectly pristine, mine alone to enjoy and behold

The same way I hope that there’s value in the meanings to the words I have been told



There are ripples in brooks throughout this land I can see, the one I love, is the one I chose

So to, the choice to heed spoken words is mine, do I turn when words and actions oppose?



Drops unite to form a flow and that direction runs the same, for I see it myself everyday

Photos capture a thousand words, actions amount to far more, again, mean what you say