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Grizzlies Comedy Night

This is a just a quick follow up to the promotional piece on the Goffstown Hockey Fundraiser. I heard there were some 141 folks present last night for the fundraising event. I am pretty sure every one of the folks had a good time.

I realize that next year’s event is now one year away, but I can honestly say that I cannot wait for it. Last night was a blast! The food from Steak Out was out of this world! If you live in the area, check them out. Outstanding.

Due to the snowstorm yesterday another show in the area cancelled their event and all of us at the Alpine Club were the beneficiaries as Gregg Boggis was a fourth comedian added to the lineup. He just made a wonderful night all that much better.

Thank you to all the people who set up, tore down, ran the show, donated prizes, bought tickets, or in any way supported the event. It was a very fun night, and it’s always good to spend time with folks in the Goffstown Hockey (and Friends) community.

Feb. 5th Alpine Club

Goffstown Hockey Fundraiser

Honestly, next year it’s not likely that we will be approaching this event without having dealt with a major snowstorm, or the opportunities to play golf on Christmas Day, or start gardening in January. It’s more likely that we will be looking for reasons to get outside and do something that doesn’t include moving snow, sliding on ice, or quickly getting from point to point so as not to freeze. So, I for one, will be keeping this event in mind and looking forward to attending next year. I hope to see you all at this event next year.

Thank you again. See you at the rink!


Goffstown Hockey Fundraiser and Preview

This is a first for me here, a preview of sorts. Okay, and a plea of sorts, for some help from the greater Goffstown Hockey community.

First, there is a Goffstown home game tomorrow at Sullivan Arena on the campus of St. Anselm College in Goffstown. The game starts at 4pm and will wind down by 6pm. The NHL All-Star skills stuff doesn’t start until 7pm, so there’s plenty of time to do both. Goffstown is hosting the Bow Falcons in the game. More on that later.

Second, is this plea for help. The Goffstown Hockey team does one major fundraiser each season, and that time is almost here. The Fundraiser is being held at the Alpine Club (175 Putnam Street) on February 5th beginning at 800pm. (Doors open at 630pm)

Feb. 5th Alpine Club

Goffstown Hockey Fundraiser

Now get this; for just $40 you get dinner (catered by Steak Out in Goffstown), a door prize, a tremendous comedy show, and whatever other fun you’ll have by being there. There will be a cash bar and raffle prizes as well. Speaking of raffle prizes, these items to be raffled off are being collected at the game against Bow tomorrow afternoon. There will be a collection box or collection area at the gate to get into the game tomorrow. Typically items or prizes being donated carry a value of $25-50 per item. Bring your items right to the game. Any help that any of you in the surrounding area might be able to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Tickets for the Comedy Night at the Alpine Club are also on sale at the game. So, if you can donate a prize, or purchase tickets to enjoy a fun night out without having to travel too far, Goffstown Hockey present, and certainly future, would be grateful without question.

Alright, I appreciate you staying with me on this so far. Back to the match up against the Bow Falcons. Bow finds themselves in 2nd place in the NHIAA Division II Standings with a phenomenal record thus far of 9-1-1. The Falcons boast 4 different players averaging 2 points (goals and assists are worth one point each) or more per game. They have outscored their opponents by a combined score of 71-22 in their 11 games played so far. The Bow Falcons are 6-0-1 against common opponents that Goffstown has played thus far this season. To say that Bow is a worthy opponent in this game that could be a cornerstone date on and off of the ice, is an understatement.

If you are in the area tomorrow, or on Friday the 5th, come on out with the Goffstown Hockey team and have some fun. We would love to see you at both events. Also, we thank you all in advance to any and all of you making contributions and/or assisting in making this a landmark event for the Goffstown Hockey program and the community that follows and supports them. Thank you again. See you at the rink!