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Natural World

Photography 101.

Trying something a little different. I have hundreds of wildlife photos, but wanted to try another approach. This is looking down an oak tree out behind my house.

Natural World - Oak Tree

Natural World – Oak Tree


Wooded Place

I wrote this because when I walk these woods my mind is at ease and thoughts flow more easily, carrying their own tune. This little story captures walks in those woods from my own real perspective. Upon seeing the picture, a request for some words came in, so I wrote this after noon.

Wooded Place


There’s a wooded place where I like to go
I walk this place even in rain and snow

The sounds of this place please my ears
Quiet, or wind, and birds that often appear

Sight lines here exist only from above
Effort required to see the beauty I love

There’s a trail but in places it’s hard to find
I don’t mind if I wander, so does my mind

Then I see some movement freezing my stride
Looking at the brush where grouse go to hide

Without warning a white-tail I barely could see
Bounds through the forest just as easy as could be

I moved slowly through soft, deep snow and growth
The workout was good but the silence I love most

The trail then opens and I glimpsed the sky
A pair of eagles in training caught my eye

The river nearby I spot ducks and a goose
Having left the bog where I’ve seen many a moose

Finishing the loop I see the dash of a bobtail
Gone in a flash I finish this loop of a trail

Returning to the lot where I parked the car
Reality rushed back where it had seemed so far

Silently pondered

Ya, we know. Everyone within earshot knows. You have a thought that is remotely righteous and in your infinite lack of wisdom you have brought it upon yourself to speak your mind. Of course you begin by announcing to everyone that you’re the kind of person that needs to say things when you feel this strongly about … Blah, blah, blah … And you just can’t stand for … Blah, blah, blah. Sorry I zoned out because at least half of the sane people unfortunate enough to hear your slightly “holier than thou” moment, already had that thought and knew enough to keep it to themselves. When your announcement is longer than the thought you felt it necessary to share, then listen to a different voice in your head. Like your mom’s, or someone’s mom, who would have advised you to keep your mouth shut.

Sometimes silence is just the sound needed at the time. Sometimes the depthless hum of chatter is the sound that warms the soul afraid of being alone. Sometimes the raucous laughter of stories stretched to legend are the perfect place to hide in a crowd. Sometimes the obvious just needs to be silently pondered.