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Family Support

After getting through emotionally packed calling hours, a tearfully blessed funeral service, and more than 800 miles on the road in just 38 hours, I woke up a little bit mentally fatigued today. I’m so very thankful for the time I spent, with the quality of people I wish were around every corner, over the last two days. I’m a fortunate man. So, when my thoughts were scattered, out of focus, and drifting to the hurting ones back in New Brunswick, I asked for a visit to Mom and Dad’s. Normally I don’t ask, but Mom and my Aunt Barbara made the trip back with me and I knew there’d be some exhaustion there too. But, on we came, the twins and I seeking strength in numbers and support in family. Somber as it was, it helped. I hope it helped them too. It was nice to remember those we left back in New Brunswick. It was comforting to shed tears and hear my voice crack among loved ones. To a person, we each wished to be back in New Brunswick, collectively in fellowship, grieving, consoling, and rejoicing; as a family. I’m so thankful for the support found in my family.