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“That’s my receipt”

I found an old receipt and picked it up off of the end table. I held it up and asked the following.

Me: Can someone please throw this away for daddy?
Theodore: (without looking up, or pausing from his activity) Nope.
Jacqueline: Mmmm hmmm. (Without looking at me or the receipt in my hand)
Me: Thank you.
Jacqueline: Wait! That’s my receipt. Throw it away aaaafffftttteeeerrrr.
Me: That’s your receipt?
Jacqueline: Mmmm hmmm. (Grabs receipt)
Me: Okay, will you throw it away please?
Jacqueline: Umm, yes I will.
She leaves to go throw it away and then returns.
Jacqueline: I throwed it away, my receipt, it’s in the garbage.
Me: Thank you very much
Jacqueline: You’re welcome very much! (Then she planted a kiss on me and took off)