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Snow Day Creativity

The twins did some creating this first snow day of 2016-2017. Continue reading

The twins are 19 months old!

On November 20th the twins reached the 19 month old mark. I know parents use months as the measurement for age until kids are roughly 2 years old, but it just seems to work that way. Anyways, the twins won’t be two until April, and they are growing and changing so fast. I have included some more recent pictures here as I try to chronicle their different physical appearance from month to month. Also, I know it won’t be long before these days are long gone and I never want to forget any of them.

These pictures are from my parents house. The twins love their visits to the house I grew up in. They love the yard. They love roaming around the house. They love to see Grammy and Grampy. They also love to see any of their cousins that might be visiting at any time. I love that the house and the atmosphere isn’t really much different from what it was when I grew up. The focus is on interaction with one another, playing and creativity are encouraged, and the great outdoors is always a nice option. They love to get outside, get some fresh air, explore, play, run around, and just enjoy the big spaces of the outdoors. Just like I did when I was a kid.

Theodore loves to spend time on the swing at Grammy'sJust this week we were over at the house and it was another unseasonably mild day. So we headed outdoors to get some fresh NH air. I went into the yard and did some work for my mom. There have been so many, many trees damaged around the yard, from snow and ice storms. While I was cutting branches and vines back, the twins and their 4-year old cousin Emma were playing in the yard with Grammy. The kids always run for the swings first. They love to swing, although I am not sure they like the fact that they can’t all swing at once, but that’s a good lesson to learn.

After spending some time on the swings, the twins took turns checking on Dad as I worked on the edge of the tree line. I appreciated their concern and the little visits from them. Their little legs working so hard to cover the ground getting close to dad. Next they had to ride in, or even push, the old umbrella stroller my mom has tucked in the garage for such occasions. As I finished up and walked across the yard I paused to observe the kids playing. They all have their own moments of enjoyment that take them from one place to another, and from one activity to another.

First, I encounter Theodore who is standing on the driveway with the unmistakable sight of a yellow whiffle ball bat in his hands. He is serious and very intent on hitting the ball that is on the ground at his feet. Much like a young hockey player learning to control the puck, he struggles to understand why he can see the ball at his feet, but he can’t seem to get the end of the bat in close enough to his feet in order to strike the ball. Occasionally he backs off his stance a step or two, and he connects with the ball. The ball rolls on the driveway in whatever direction and his face lights up with the satisfaction of knowing he made that ball roll.

Next, I see Emma running in the back yard. She moves up and down the hill out back which boasts a terraced rock garden that faces the house and garage. As she moves from one level to another, Jacqueline, and her fear of nothing, follows as fast as she can.

Jacqueline explores the hill behind Grammy's house. The same ground I used to cover as a kid.

I watch closely, ready to spring into action, as Jacqueline passes along the edges of the different levels without a second thought. Eventually she made her way to the far end of the garden and started down the hill. Facing downhill, she stopped to fix something with her shoe. As she leaned forward, facing down the hill, she lost her balance and did a near perfect somersault. She got to her feet, a little further down the hill now, and looked up, a bit startled, then she saw dad. I asked her if she just did a somersault, and she smiled and said in Jacqueline accent, “jyes” as if she knew exactly what she was doing the whole time.

The rock garden at Grammy's. Always an attraction for the kids.

Then it was off to the backside of the hill which leads down to the brook. The kids are fascinated with the water and have no fear of it. They scamper right to the edge like they have no worry in the world. It’s cute, it’s refreshing, but Grammy and I are very cognizant of their every move. As I hold them close to me, we throw a long twig into the water and watch the current pull it downstream.

The kids love this, they think it’s wonderful. So do I. I always loved the brook and its surroundings.

Soon it was time to head back up the hill to the house. Shortly thereafter it was time for us to leave and head home for nap time. It was another fun visit to Grammy and Grampy’s house. It always is. I hope the kids and I are fortunate enough to have many, many more visits with my parents. I know how much I loved my grandparents growing up, and I hope the same for my kids.

Theodore and Jacqueline and are interested in my camera while in Grammy's kitchen.

Jacqueline loves apples. She blindly takes bites of the apple and will eat them from every conceivable angle.

The twins control the kitchen. Theodore leans comfortably on the table. That's my favorite wood stove of all time in the background.

Theodore doesn't appear to happy to be photographed while enjoying his snack.