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Wildlife moment

I didn’t get any of this on camera as my camera was outside in my vehicle, but we had a wildlife moment out back this morning. It started with my son spotting an animal at the edge of the yard. He came to me to verify its identity. It was a bobcat. So, the two of us watched the bobcat for a minute or two as it sat quietly, interested in something we couldn’t see in the distance. Then, just like that, the cat disappeared to the woods along the river. Minutes later, our house cat trotted out back, obviously picking up on the scent of the bobcat. As our cat stalked the area where the bobcat had been, his attention was also drawn to the same area that had intrigued the bigger cat. We couldn’t see what the cat was checking out behind a small hill, thick brush, and some young trees. Then charged a doe, snorting and lowering her head. The deer took four or five aggressive steps towards our cat. Now the deer was right behind our deck and our cat had run full speed to our sliding door where I let him in. The deer turned for the woods after noticing me. But, our yard full of clover was too much to resist. The deer sauntered back down the grade to the grass. Meanwhile, our cat was whining incessantly to go back outside, so I let him onto the deck. The cat saw the deer and stayed put behind the deck railing. The deer saw the cat and did an about-face, turning toward the deck and lowering her head again. The deer kept her distance before deciding to gracefully high-tail it back in to the woods, snorting for all to hear along the way. And thus was the start to my day; fifteen minutes of entertainment, just by looking out the window.


It’s a beautiful day! The air is crisp and clean.
Seeking a shaded tree on which I wish to lean.
Wishing I was in the woods north, not near.
Right beside a babbling brook all I can hear.
Pad in hand, writing, just to let it all go.
My mind lucid as the sky, just let it flow.
Rest, reflect, gather thought, choose words.
Nary a diversion, just the singing of birds.
Day’s not enough, I’d sit a week to meditate.
A Bible, and books I’d bring, to fill my plate.
Enjoy the beauty in God’s creation, a given.
Slowed down, soaking up hours, real livin.
It’s where my mind goes looking from here.
Real enough, plans from which I almost veer.
I grab another deep breath and get back to,
Reality awaiting me, and things I must do. 


In search of silence

I walk, in search of silence, somewhere near this place.
I pause and stare at beauty absent of human trace.
Stopped, I listen, hoping only to hear the snow fall.
Maybe the breeze as it gently teases the trees so tall.
Then the silence breaks, as a squirrel sounds his alert.
I smile, as I trod, in their space, wishing none to hurt.
The tracks below belong to the animals living here.
There’s proof of rabbit, fox, squirrel, bobcat, and deer.
I carve a place in the snow to sit neath an old hemlock tree.
I rest, I listen while watching this silent world around me.
The angles that branches make, years of running to light.
Nearby, the shredded layers of a sapling, an interesting sight.
In the hollow of an old oak, I see the cache still not concealed.
Distant, I strain to see through the thickness of limbs, a field.
Content with the cold falling around, I enjoy the seconds in full.
I breathe, and wish to see my dear, the moose, even a bull.
Minutes pile up but for once that is fine, for I’m at peace.
I pull drifting thoughts back to this tree, wishing it never cease.
Leaning on the bark, my eyes close, soon I’m half asleep.
Stirred by the inquisitive song of a black-capped chickadee.
Clearing a spot, I circle stones and prepare for a blaze.
Everything set, I get a flame, and into the fire I gaze.
At ease, warm, and alone, in silence, an old pine knot pops.
The wind seeks attention, as snow gently falls from the fir tops.
My bed of boughs shields the damp cold of the melting snow.
Cosy, I write, and think of all places, this is where I would go.
Light fades from the afternoon sky, and the cool gets cold.
I stoke the fire, and watch as a young deer, ponders bold.

Night falls and I wander a few paces to the hardwoods nearby.
I stop to stare up at the clear beauty of the starlit winter sky.
Camp fortified, warmth lingers long enough, shadows grow.
I wonder what is watching me as I huddle around the glow.
The night is long, just restful enough, ready for a new day.
Improvements to my fortress make me wish I could stay.

Thanks #28 (Quiet)

I am thankful for quiet. I don’t get much quiet, but I am thankful for it when I do. Quiet is just a nice sound to ponder. Quiet, with no phones, no TV, no computer, no background chatter, no traffic, no hustle, no bustle, just quiet. If I’m outside, then it’s quiet but for the sounds of nature, water, and wind that I long for. Just the quiet that after a few moments, allows me a chance to let my mind focus on anything, everything, and even nothing at all if I choose. Quiet is just a clear path for the mind to safely journey from place to place and complete the trip. I miss quiet, and I am thankful for quiet when I get it.

Thanks #16 (Shelter)

I am thankful for shelter. Psalm 62:8 – Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. God is my shelter.

I am thankful for the shelter provided by simply bowing my head, shutting out the world around me, for even just a moment, to have a word with Him.

I am thankful for the shelter of this roof and these four walls. I can be protected from the elements, here with my family.

I am thankful for the shelter provided by our vehicles, allowing me a mode of travel keeping me warm and comfortable.

I am thankful for the shelter I find in conversation with my parents when, for the moment, I can’t seem to handle the thoughts I muster in dealing with troublesome situations.

I am thankful for the shelter I feel when life is going faster than I can run and I pause in the dim of night shadows to smile as I gaze upon any one of the kids peacefully sleeping.

I am thankful for the shelter found in the happy spaces I find among the mundane tasks and jobs in life.

I am thankful for the shelter found in the gathering of family when everyone I ever loved or needed seems to be right there beside me, and we’re all on the same page.

I am thankful for the shelter found in the sad and somber moments when I take inventory of the things that matter most.

I am thankful for the shelter made up of sounds found outdoors that shortens the distance between the fast-paced now and the all-natural then. The wind whispers through the leaves, needles, and twigs. Water rushes continually somewhere out of sight but within earshot. Birds sing and signal all around. Somewhere a squirrel sounds his alarm. Then in other spots there is nothing but silence except for the crunch of leaves under foot. Oh, there is shelter here in these sounds.

I am thankful for the shelter I feel anytime I walk into, or around in, my boyhood yard. It still seems like nothing could ever have harmed me there.

I am thankful for the shelter I find when I stand in the black of night and stare at the sky, so full of stars, that it seems to fall down around me, holding me there as the warm remnants of my own breath visibly curl slowly away from me to leave that amazing view right in front of my eyes.

I am thankful for shelter in so many shapes and forms. Places I can go to regroup, or to weather the storms that life hurls at me from day-to-day.

Thanks #10 (Sunshine)

I’m thankful for sunshine, aside from the obvious and scientific reasons why the sun is important to our existence. I think each of us, at one point or another, thinks that the sun shines just on us for moments here and there. I am thankful for those moments. There are so many of them. Like stepping from the cold shade of winter to catch a few rays of warmth while it lasts. Or the first rays of direct sunlight as they seemingly inch their way above the horizon. Maybe it’s the sense of sympathy shared with a pair of horses that have found the high spot of ground against a shingle sided barn that is facing east, where they stand still for long stretches of time to gather the morning sun’s warm rays. It could be a face full of rays coming from the orange-ish, pink, to red ball hovering low for the daylight’s last moments as it spreads those orange tones across those who are there to see it. I dare say that the sun’s setting glow is light, that when seen in another’s face, always makes them look younger. It could be the sun against a clear blue sky that makes it look like highest sky you ever saw. Maybe even the sunlight of an early summer evening when our body and mind feel that the day should be done, yet the sun shines on, and we can’t help but smile. How about a leisurely drive beneath the sunshine that filters through the greens of the trees, casting and creating shadowy shapes on the forest floor, when all at once you feel the warmth among the pleasant cool of shade, all while being held cozily among the sweet air and closeness of the trees? No matter the moment, I’m thankful for sunshine.

Deer Visit

A doe and a couple of youngsters stopped by the back edge of our yard just a few minutes ago. I snuck out the side door of the garage and was able to grab these two pictures before they loped into the woods only to be heard fleeing. Theodore and Jacqueline were able to see the deer, and both twins asked if they could hold the deer. Not today I guess.

002 (2)

001 (2)