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Some Roads Must Remain Open

A little snow doesn’t stop us; at least, not for very long. Our 14 year-old was on the ice, Bruins game on the radio, the twins were playing in (as well as eating) the snow, and I was taking care of the fire. The stars were bright in the clear winter sky, and I still love winter.


This path leads to the fire pit. However, due to the snow, the fire pit is quite separated from the rink now.


The fire is going, despite starting it on three or more feet of snow.


The fire dropped a couple of feet into the snow bank, but it is warm and still burning.


Yes, the snow banks on the sides of the rink are between four and five feet deep. That’s not going to stop the hockey.


Snowy Scene

I can’t find my driveway, but this place looks great!


Our backyard rink in the midst of all the snow

The temperature has dropped below zero degrees Fahrenheit here this evening, and it will plummet some more before the sun rises tomorrow morning. After several hours spent with wrenches, a crowbar, a hammer, and a ratchet set this afternoon, I got the impeller blade in my snow blower bent back into shape, along with the casing. I was able to rig the cleats on the outside of the casing so they work again, sort of, and I was able to get to work on the rink. My son and I did all of the finish work with shovels and threw the snow up on the banks. In the last 7 days we have received 42″ of snow in the yard, but having a place to skate is quite important here. I love this place.


From the ice looking back to the house