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Jingle Bells

This morning, yes, April 11th, the twins were playing on the floor near me and they broke out in song. Today’s song was a lengthy, 3-year old inspired, rendition of the Spring Classic, Jingle Bells. Theodore and Jacqueline were equally involved in this production and it was quite funny, while a good eight minutes long. I was able to get some of their lyrics down, and I will share those words in a moment. I must mention that Jacqueline was singing lead, and at times, very quickly. Then, Theodore did his part, and then some, chiming in. For a portion of the song Theodore resorted to a style of singing that escapes most of us, it was sort of a, tone-deaf, angry chant, slightly monotone, increasingly loud yell of the words, jingle bells! jingle bells! jingle all the away! This was repeated for a while, probably until he couldn’t hear anything else, and decided to rejoin the lead of his sister. Any ways, to some lyrics: “Oh jingle bell, oh jingle bell, oh much fun it is to ride almost open sleigh. Oh jingle bell, oh jingle bell, oh hoping in a sleigh”

All I know is that it was beautiful. I can’t wait for the next song.