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There In Every Show

There In Every Show I

TSO in Manchester, NH 2014


I guess we could detach ourselves and say, to each, their own

Then isn’t it the folks furthest removed that cast the first stone


To obsess on anything is not the answer, even for one who rants

To me, it’s unhealthy and obvious that one has lost their balance


Then there’s life altering events as in the one’s we cannot control

Still others exist when we decide again to make ourselves whole


Maybe the choice we made, inspired from a place we least expected

At a show we checked out, message received, we’re truly affected


But we all enter the doors from a different place, and intent is key

For we all hear, but to listen is a big difference if you ask me


Like the sower of seeds pursues the grounds soft, apt to receive

Our mindset at times needs a gentle push to better perceive


I, for one, sit quietly, anxious, like one waiting for Christmas Day

Then I close my eyes renewing my senses as they begin to play


I could be wrong but I feel like there is something special in the air

There’s most definitely a message to discern, I’m keenly aware


But were my heart hardened and I not to listen, present just to hear

Then maybe it’d be just another show, another band, another year


The message, I needed to hear it when I first did, enthralled, I froze

From the stage to my balcony, those sweet sounds, they rose

There In Every Show II

TSO in Manchester, NH 2014



The Christmas spirit, the words of love, melted the chill I sought

The musical symmetry overwhelmed my senses though I fought


I shuttered from the war within, I left “somehow different I think”

Learning later that this group, was in some ways, my missing link


Then it was up to me to model the meanings I had run so far from

Now I attend in part as a reminder to me from how far I have come


The shows still move me, sounds divine, I escape, and intently I listen

The snow comes down and through the lights the flakes do glisten


Using words that recently sparked a deluge of commentary, I found

That there are far worse folks by whom we could choose to surround


So we are drawn in by the message heard and portrayed for us to see

Ideals, defined as a standard of perfection; God, family, country, me


It’s all there in every show, God in message, family in every single row

Country honored before and during, just ask Chris, he would know


But it’s equally important not to leave out us, the me, the we, the you,

A happy me, a whole me, is better than before TSO passed through


So, yes I went to see them again this tour, Lord willing I’ll go again

As for planning each tour, it’s not if, but really, it’s a matter of when


Until then I will listen, I will share, I will enjoy, but I will not obsess

Rather I will puff up with pride in the places we TSO fans coalesce

There In Every Show III

TSO in Manchester, NH 2014