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Sound Sunset

Sound sunset.081616.jpg

Looking to the western skies over the Pamlico Sound. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016. (click on the image for a larger version)


OBX Funnel 

We watched as the clouds lowered, and then this funnel touched down. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.

Sunday Morning Peace

Last Sunday morning I found peace in a place I’d never been before. Sitting on the top deck at the rental house in Waves, NC, I prayed, I wrote, I listened, I drifted, I sang, I sat and tried to ponder the depths of blue in the sky above me. The sun was bright. It was at my back. I stared out over Pamlico Sound from my deck perch, and I wondered how the water that was my horizon as far as I could see could be blue but still close to charcoal color and dark purple at the same time.

Mostly though, I listened to gospel hymns and old style country gospel songs as I sang the words I knew, and thought deeply on the applications through life of the words I didn’t. The Outer Banks’ strong breezes dried tears still on my cheeks as I thought of the tender love afforded me by my Lord that I don’t nearly deserve. Emotions bubbled up with the memories of loved ones who sit at His throne now. The sound of the wind, the beauty of harmonies I only wish to conceive, and the silences in the distant corners of my mind, were the peaceful backdrop I so needed that morning.

Blue doesn’t get much more perfect than this


OBX The Trip

The week was a whirlwind of travel, adapting we all deploy
Mostly a magical Holiday feeling, for all ages, girl or boy

Thank you my brother for your abundance of generosity
Here I look deeper at seconds created by opportunity

We will never forget the road trips, trying if not epic
Where every turn and twist not a soul could predict

I ask each of you, and perhaps challenge you a bit too,
To peer beneath the surface, as an introspect might do

You possess the frame and even the visual that fits
Scan your minds eye, a personal collection of video clips

Zoom from above to the level that’s so, so close
Smile at the memory, repeat, take in a heavy dose

On the beach you pan in any direction among family
Each unto their own, they play, enjoy, just being happily

There’s the dinner table each night that sprawls endlessly
Fellowship amidst the feast with all the loved ones you see

Day trips and moments we all made our for ourselves
But the pure joy is there for each of us that delves

The evening around the screen we all did gather to spy
That breaking story like scenes from days long gone by

The elaborate collection of material captured by electronics
Too many exhibits for our minds focus to one firmly fix

So, make common, not this week, rather hold tight your grip
On the moments abundant carrying pure joy, OBX the trip