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NH Avalanche 00 – Fear Factor

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “There’s nothing to see here”. This may be one of those places, nothing to see here. I will let you decide though.

The great thing about rumors is that anyone can start one. So, that’s what I am doing, in good fun, I am starting a rumor. Rumor has it that opponents are fearful of coming to the Ice Den Arena to play this NH Avalanche 00 team. The team has continued to practice. They are playing hockey in any shape or form that they can find. They are working to improve their games and to get ready for the next levels of their hockey careers. And based on recent history, with no games since January 25th, they are waiting for an opponent to play.

Back at the start of the season, when this Avs team was losing games by some pretty big margins, it seemed that teams were lining up to play the NH Avalanche 2000 team. Things have changed. Better play, a few ties, some more wins, the change of seasons, continued practice (mostly consistent) and now nobody is lining up.

Lets take a quick look at some numbers here. Games played by month (based on the game sheets collected)

September: 5 games played. Outscored 39-6 in those games.

October: 4 games played. Earned two ties and scored 13 goals.

November: 10 games played. First two wins of the season. Turkey Tourney.

December: 2 games played. High school seasons start.

January: 4 games played. Another win and a tie.

February: 0 games played so far. Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Including the first weekend in September when games started, there have been 24 full weekends this season, right through this past weekend. The NH Avalanche team has played 25 games.

I know that high school seasons started tryouts back in early December and subsequently there have been fewer and fewer games and/or teams to play against, or so it has appeared as such. Yet, I have seen other 2000 teams still playing 2,3, and 4 games a weekend throughout this time frame, up to, and including this past weekend. I know that some have said things like…”This has been a trying year for many on the team. The Avalanche Organization has done everything we can to make the best of this season, going above and beyond, however some things that were out of our control led to some issues…” NH Avalanche Hockey

I am not behind the scenes. I have no inside knowledge of efforts made, efforts not made, agendas (personal or otherwise), or how strong the organization is, or isn’t. I do know that any organization is only as strong as its weakest link, or its limiting step. The reality played out over the last 24 weekends would tell me that there is and has been a very limiting step in this organization, or at least how it relates to this team. Again, I am just a parent on the outside looking in. It seems to me that the coaching staff and kids on this team have been undermined. Every time the ice is offered, kids and coaches show up, even though some kids can’t make it because they’re already on the ice somewhere else. I will have to look back at the information provided to us coming into this season, but honestly I don’t like looking back except to learn from history or to remember those things worth remembering, and this would not be one of those things.

I realize the kids are not Mites, Squirts, or PeeWees anymore. When the games and practices felt more like a family affair and were as much about the kids as they were the parents (in our minds anyways) especially during tournaments. (Speaking of which, how is the Avs 2000 tournament forecast looking?) Even so, this is still a game; a great game; a wonderful game. It’s hockey. It’s the most family oriented sport of them all in my opinion. Yes, I keep referring to family because in my opinion families spend time together, they do things together, they are ‘all in’ more then they are all out. This has been disjointed at best. Over the first 48 days of 2015, the Avs have played just four times, with no games in the last 23 days. I know there are other teams. I know there are schedules. I know there is weather. I also know that where there is a will, there is a way. Where’s the passion? When did it stop being about the kids? “Above and beyond” to me is far more proactive than reactive. It’s far more open minded than close minded. It’s more about ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘this is what we can’t do’. I suppose I have to trust that everyone has been “making the best of this season”, but I do know that best is defined as follows: of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.

On a positive note, there is a game scheduled this Sunday out in Exeter. Hopefully that holds up, although the last time the Avs played there, it certainly was memorable. Oh, and, I hear there’s free money being offered up to Avalanche families who have not yet spent money going forward. In my calculations, that is equal to exactly zero cents on the dollar.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I look forward to more hockey. I love the game. I love the season. And more than that, I love the kids that play the game. It’s a game, a kids game, and didn’t we all grow up making our ‘best’ efforts just to be playing a kids game one more time; every time?


NH Avalanche 2000 – Introduction & Update

Welcome to the NH Avalanche 2000 youth hockey team. This group of Bantam Major players is currently competing in the Boston Hockey League’s National Conference. The team calls the Ice Den Arena in Hooksett, NH their home rink. This is the first update of the season, and time allowing, there will be more updates forthcoming.

First let’s meet our Roster:

1  Spencer Burgess (G)

6  Cody Sullivan

7  Jonathon Last

8  Cade Facey

9  Sebastian Beal

10 Max Lajeunesse

12 Sydney Herrington

15 Clayton Sanders

16 Tyler Whiting

20 Caiden Paradise

22 Christian Levesque

31 Gavin Cram (G)

80 Michael Perry

88 Nicholas Gagne

*3  Shawn Tewksbury (left the program to make room under the salary cap, I am guessing)

Assistant Coach Dan Sullivan

Head Coach Bruce Harvey

So, entering play yesterday down in Raynham, MA, the NH Avalanche 2000’s were 0-6-2 based on the game sheets I have seen. Although, the Standings in the BHL suggest they are 1-3-2, but either way it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is this; the team is improving and players are developing. Wins or losses, even ties, don’t always tell the complete story, nor do these numbers matter as much as a lot of people think they do. Not in Youth Hockey, or youth sports for that matter. These are kids and hopefully they are being developed properly to best handle what will come later in life for them all, whether we like it or not. So, just as we work with them, give them direction, test them, and nurture them at home they don’t always win those battles either but hopefully it’s done in the name of love and development; enter this year’s hockey team.

I am very competitive and have played competitive sports for most of my 40+ years on this planet. Yes, someone always wins and someone always loses, even in ties. Tell me our tie in Exeter felt like anything other than a loss. Just like our tie at the Ice Den two weeks ago felt like a win. But that’s okay as long as there is effort, respect, and learning happening. It’s about the kids, and are the kids getting better at anything here, even with, whatever the won-loss record is? I would say they are. My guess is that the coaches would say the same thing.

Moving on, I have broken the ice here introducing this team and I will also write-up a recap of this weekend’s action by the time Monday night’s practice gets under way. Hopefully these updates will continue as long as this group is playing hockey this season. I thank you for your time and patience and look forward to recognizing our kids and their teammates for the rest of this season.