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Thanks #30 (Wife)

This is Thanks #30, the final Thanks post for November. It is certainly not the least Thanks post of November. I might say that I have saved the best for last.

Everywhere I go, there’s me and this empty space
with a simple thought, I can see her smiling face
In the moments when I lose my way
it’s her calming voice I hear, and all’s okay
When busy runs away with the time that I miss
She’s there, eye to eye, with a gentle kiss
Matters mount, lack of plan has me distraught
And she rescues me with words I hadn’t thought
Some days end and emotions scatter all about the place
Then all returns to order when I’m held in her embrace
Moments are held, but slip from grasp like shifting sand
The memory is saved with her, walking hand in hand
When the forest has me enclosed, but still too far to reach
I steal a smile as I ponder our day on Tiger Tail Beach
When my patience wanes and the rope I’m holding, ends,
She’s there to catch me, and seamlessly blends
As I look past now towards some far away day
The view is promising with her beside me, I must say
There are many wonderful aspects to my fortunate life
I’m one, in awesome wonder, thankful for my wife

Thanks #29 (Bible)

I am thankful for the Bible. The book of all books. I am thankful for the recorded history and the truths that forever apply in the Bible. It’s my own guide to all that matters in life. It guided my parents, and their parents. It’ll be around to guide many more. I’m thankful it’s here for me. As my daughter Jacqueline parades around singing, “the B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me”, me too, Jacqueline, me too.

Thanks #28 (Quiet)

I am thankful for quiet. I don’t get much quiet, but I am thankful for it when I do. Quiet is just a nice sound to ponder. Quiet, with no phones, no TV, no computer, no background chatter, no traffic, no hustle, no bustle, just quiet. If I’m outside, then it’s quiet but for the sounds of nature, water, and wind that I long for. Just the quiet that after a few moments, allows me a chance to let my mind focus on anything, everything, and even nothing at all if I choose. Quiet is just a clear path for the mind to safely journey from place to place and complete the trip. I miss quiet, and I am thankful for quiet when I get it.

Thanks #27 (Christmas Season)

I am thankful for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Christmas season. I enjoy the moments that allow for time when I can sneak mentally away to a slower time and pace of Christmas memories past. I’m sure I had more down time then than I do now, and I’m sure I probably complained to my parents at the time that I was bored. I certainly wish I had that time now, and I know I wouldn’t be bored for sure. Time to reflect, time to teach, time to share, time to wish Merry Christmas to others and to make new Christmas memories. I know there are people out there that cringe at the thought of the Christmas season. I say that we, people, are the reason why. We need to have everything bigger, better, and faster than it was before. I’m not knocking the thought process, there’s just something’s that need not be rushed, like time. Time to know and understand the story of Jesus’ birth, and the first Christmas, as it were. Time to remember all those people, places, moments shared, and things that made our Christmases through life so dear. Yes, I’m thankful for the Christmas season and I could do without Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In writing this, I was reminded of a piece I wrote here last year called Sunday Series – Where’s the line?. You can read that too if you would like. I know it’s early, it’s still November, but it’ll be gone quickly. Merry Christmas.

Thanks #26 (Music)

I am thankful for music. I find enjoyment in the beautiful sounds of music. I am constantly impressed by artists’ abilities to write meaningful lyrics and the notes that accompany their delivery. I love the sound of powerful, beautiful voices singing with passion and conviction. Music can help to motivate. Music can also be a place to lose ones self while the mind wanders or even ponders anything and everything. Music can help to soothe. I believe it was Dick Clark who said that “music is the soundtrack of our lives”, and it’s laughably true, as every one of us can place ourselves at times and places throughout our lives merely by hearing a song that takes us back. I’m thankful for music and I enjoy music often.

Thanks #25 (Sports)

I am thankful for sports. I have spent thousands of hours playing, practicing, teaching, watching, and dreaming in sports. Through sports I learned disciplines. I learned teamwork. I learned respect. I learned how to get along with others. I learned what it meant to be a part of something bigger than myself. I learned how to compete. I learned how to win and lose graciously. I learned motivation and preparation. I learned that nobody else is going to do it for me, and that I’m entitled to nothing. I learned that my skills were proportionately related to the work I put into practicing. I learned humility. I have learned a lot of things through sports. I have experienced many highs, lows, triumphs, and defeats, through sports. I have traveled to many, many places through sports. I have met so many tremendous people through sports. Even now, as I play less and less, sports are a big part of my life, of my kids lives, and I’m thankful.

Thanks #24 (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

I am thankful for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In a couple of hours I will be going to see them for the 13th consecutive year. This is more than just a concert to me. Below I have included the links to the previous pieces I have written regarding TSO. I have another one or two pieces coming soon. For today, I am thankful for the band, their talents, the message they share, and the attention to detail they exhibit every single show. Enjoy. I know I will.