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Moving Day

As the winter wears on and time passes without my two oldest boys around, I think about them, and I miss them. I think back to times we have spent together. I also think back and re-visit some of the times we had the chance to say good-bye.

This is a little note I wrote in September 2010. This was my first moving day. Moving my oldest son into his dorm at Dartmouth for his freshman year. Sue and I loaded our cars and set off to move Steve in. This is the original note from start to finish.

Sue and I took Steve to Dartmouth yesterday. It was a great day and we had a wonderful time. Honestly I was so happy to see Steve’s face and the happiness in his eyes right from the moment we pulled up to his new home on campus. We drove up in 2 cars as to fit all of Steve’s things in one trip. Steve rode with me. I was doing pretty well with all this until this afternoon. I think it went something like this.

We pulled onto East Dunbarton Road like hundreds of rides we’d taken and more,
we laughed and talked on the way, like so many rides before.
The miles flew by and time passed quickly, in no time we were pulling off the highway.
Suddenly I wanted time to stop. I wasn’t ready for moving day.
As we pulled to the front of the dorm, we were greeted with smiles and direction.
Steve’s eyes lit up like this school he chose was a fit of perfection.
The move in was easy, so well thought out, it took no time at all.
Next thing I knew we were walking to lunch at the nearby dining hall.
We ate, we talked, we laughed some more, then headed to the arena for the President’s greeting.
As I sat there listening, I tried not to notice my time with Steve was fleeting.
Next, it was off to the field house for the information expo, the last event on the list.
We checked it all out and took a look around to make sure nothing was missed.
We talked a lot as we walked across campus to the closest school store.
We spent some time shopping but I wasn’t ready for what awaited outside that door.
We walked outside together and started for the cars while Steve headed to his new place.
He had events to attend so it was time to leave, the moment I wanted not to face.
We waited at the curb for our son, our boy now a young man, to come say good-bye.
As I hugged him, we spoke, I could see how pleased he was and as I nervously laughed, I wanted to cry.
As I got in the car the joy in his eyes was obvious as he welcomed this new element.
He’s not all grown up yet, but he’s getting close and I am feeling it all, a Dartmouth Parent.
Steve I know you will be awesome and will truly have the time of your life. I am proud of you and love you very much. Don’t change. You are wonderful young man. Love, Dad