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Midnight Ice

Looking east at a near full moon, just before midnight. It’s not the best picture, but I thought it was pretty.

004 (1133x1700)

Near Winter Moon

Two weeks til Winter and we put up our tree
When I looked outside and what did I see?
With the excitement indoors I slipped outside
To take this picture, certainly not to hide
The air was cold, crisp, and every sound distinct
Just the setting I’d choose to set and think
But as quickly as I had come I was called in
Warm, with family, no place I’d rather been
010 (2)

Two weeks shy of the Winter Solstice, the late autumn gives a convincing impression of a winter sky.

Moon Beam

This picture is also looking out over Abrams Pond in Eastbrook, Maine.

The shutter was open for a split second and therefore there’s a bit of a blur in this photo. Even so, it captured what I was looking for, which was the reflection of a brilliant summer moon across the pond.

2012-07-03 063