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Daily Prompt: Treasure, My Mom

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Treasure: as a verb is defined simply as to “keep carefully”. A synonym listed for treasure is the word “cherish”.

Cherish: takes things a little further, “protect and care for (someone) lovingly”.

Today is my Mother’s birthday. I cannot express in mere words how much she means to me, and how much I love her. I treasure her. I cherish her. And then some. As I mentioned so briefly in the post below from 2011, I have been so blessed that God chose my Mother for me. I could have been born anywhere, to anyone. God is good. God doesn’t make mistakes. God’s plan is perfect. God could not have chosen more perfectly than He did. I am eternally thankful for my parents, and today, I wish my Mother the Happiest of Birthdays! I am so thankful for you Mom. It is incalculable to figure just how much I am indebted to you, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because were I to get to this age and feel I owed you nothing, then that would have been a terrible life thus far. I am so thankful that is not the case. Thank you Mom, for everything. Happy Birthday!

I wrote this simple post in 2011.


Happy Birthday Mom! I am glad that God allowed me to be born into our family. I am so glad I got to grow up with you Mom. I am my Mother’s son, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you have a tremendous birthday and an even better year.

The Property (Ours and Flowers)

We are so busy in our lives. There’s time, but too rare is it that time, we make. Mostly, it is the allowances that we welcome, our time it does take. So, slow down, take ten minutes or so, and go where this takes you. It’s safe I assure you, and visit as often as you would like to.

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Oh Mother

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

One night a couple of months ago, I was tired and my mind was overflowing. I needed at least a little downtime and some quiet. I sat alone at my keyboard, and I felt a poem, a rhythm, that I needed to capture.

Grammy enjoys handing out the gifts

Eventually I turned on some music and I came across this instrumental that I have grown to thoroughly enjoy. To me, this tune playing and the flow of words go hand in hand. That’s how I see it and hear it. Either way, this is how it came out.




Oh Mother I am grown now, can I turn it back some how?
Just to live life again, but to see you then, as I do now.


Oh Mother hold me again, as only you could, and did.
In your eyes, and in my heart, forever linked, just a kid.


Oh Mother rock me to sleep, another day got the best of me.
The mountain casts its shadow, it’s just a mole hill you see.


Oh Mother sing those songs I wish to hear, I remember the scene.
The words escape me, sing some more, because I know what they mean.


Oh Mother prepare home the way you do, for us and visitors too.
It’s the way I learned to serve the rest, give of myself, just like you.


Oh Mother look again into the dark, and always find the light.
I don’t often question, having learned you’re most often right.


Oh Mother walk hand in hand with the Lord, I needed all of you both.
The darkest times I pulled through hearing you, leaning on Him the most.


Oh Mother there’s a melody in the air, it dances with all that I can see.
I know you’d appreciate it too, if only in this place you could also be.


Oh Mother talk with me, ask me again about this thing or about that.
Any day is better when I get the chance, to visit with you, just to chat.


Oh Mother, I recall, you did tell me there’d be some days just like these.
In your words, your wisdom, your silent prayers, my heart you did appease.


Oh Mother hold my hand one more time like you used to, all our time spent.
You steadied me with strength, with balance, and with love twas heaven-sent.


Oh Mother let me get lost in the sea of words I’d use to commend you.
My talks with you, recalling your brother, my mind somehow renews.


Oh Mother the beautiful song plays as I think of you, my heart sings.
For you it was about the people, the time, the love, but never the things.


Oh Mother forgive me, forgive me for the ignorance of my youth.
I learned the hard way that the freedom I sought, was buried in truth.


Oh Mother I know you don’t like to be the one elevated to this height.
For me though, I’d lift always, trusting nobody more, to convey their sight.


Oh Mother where did the time go? I never really wanted to leave.
Though into this life I went, adulthood an idea I reluctantly conceived.


Oh Mother it’s a treasure to hear your voice, to see you, a sparkle in your eye.
I’m a better man, even falling short of your example, but willing to try.


Oh Mother how did you make the bumps along the way appear so smooth?
Ever learning, your tender tones and soft loving voice always do soothe.


Oh Mother, each day is truly a gift, and for you, I’d multiply them all just to give.
In the end, this world with you present, and praying, is a great place to live.