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Wild Card Baseball

Well the two Wild Card games have been played. Both were exciting. Both were decided by final inning, 3-run homers, one being of the walk-off variety. Madison Bumgarner continued to be a post season immortal. My only question is this, how can Buck Showalter and the Baltimore Orioles (eliminated) leave the field for the final time this season without using their most dominant player? 

Boys Will Be Boys

Last night, there were two of us. Two grown men, both in our late 40’s, hanging out to watch a game. We watched, and watched, and watched some more. Then more than 4 hours after we started watching the pre-game coverage, an eruption. Continue reading

To me, it’s still THE Game

The other night Albert Pujols hit career home run number 536 to tie Mickey Mantle for 16th on MLB’s All-Time Home Run List. This is quite the accomplishment as Pujols continues his Hall-Of-Fame level career. I am not sure how many baseball fans noticed this feat. I am certain that regardless of how many home runs Albert Pujols hits, he won’t be remembered like Mantle still is, and that’s not his fault.

Albert Pujols ties The Mick on the All-Time HR List

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Who will win the World Series?