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Seeking light at Abrams Pond

Sunrise, Abrams Pond 2013

Minutes after sunrise, Abrams Pond 2013


Evening approaches Abrams Pond

IMG_1833 (1280x853)

Sunset, Abrams Pond 2013


Moon over Abrams Pond 2013

IMG_1982 (853x1280)

Full moon, Abrams Pond

The heron, an eagle, loons, and me

It was the middle of the day when I climbed in
A two seat canoe, a paddle, and me, I did begin
The water was calm and close to crystal clear
Moving through water, and birds, all I could hear
Not a cloud to be found among the blue sky
The sun warmed everything from up on high
I imagined this place in a time centuries before
Wishing it were then, and how I’d still explore
I moved slowly, and quietly, letting my senses record
The smells, the sounds, the sights, while aboard
A faint noise from above sparked my heightened sense
I moved toward the cattails and reeds oh so dense
I squinted and searched for the origin of the sound
And soon, a great blue heron in a spruce, I found
Moving away to allow it some space, another sound
I heard from across the cove and closer to the ground
It was another heron calling, or at least to be heard
When above my head appeared, yet another bird
Passing the spruce and gliding in, a bald eagle did rise
The majestic bird landed with grace before my eyes
Once in his perch, silence ensued, nothing dared move
Or so it seemed, but for me, my site to improve
All at once a splash from behind, and I turned to see
But nothing was there but ripples left for me
Resuming my gaze the calm pierced masked in black
The loon appeared from below, after a snack
My masked playmate called another yards away
The eagle, or not, the loons wanted to play
Time stalled and rested with me there in the sun
Sitting still in nature, watching, I was having fun
My mind raced to the eras past, land minus flaw
And I wondered what I missed among all I saw
As self-imposed limits do, measurement moved me
I paddled in, slowly, so as to stretch time, there to be
The loons called across the water while the heron hid
The eagle cleaned his wings, and I smiled like a big kid
I left, wanting freedom for always, to just be
The heron, an eagle, a pair of loons, and me


Can’t wait to get back

This is where they tell me it all began. Beal's Island, Maine

This is where they tell me it all began. Beals Island, Maine. Summer 2011.

We have only been home for 2 1/2 days and I can’t wait to get back up to the Down East. Lord willing, we hope to return for a fourth consecutive year in August 2014.


Four of the six kids with Amaris at lake house in Maine

Four of the six kids with Amaris at lake house in Maine. Summer 2011.

Family picture at Abrams Pond, Summer 2012.

Family picture at Abrams Pond, Summer 2012.

Beals Island. Summer 2013.

Beals Island. Summer 2013.



Beals Island 2013

On our, now annual, vacation to Down East Maine we trekked up to Beals Island. I love this little fishing village where my ancestors came from. The population was down to 508 people as of the 2010 census. Either way, crossing the bridge to the island, looking over the Moosabec Reach Area is beautiful every time. This was just one part of one day spent while we were in Maine for two weeks. We enjoyed our time in Maine as we always do, getting away from the speed and commotion of our everyday lives to a retreat of peace, and an absence of the technologies that pulls at our impulses most every other day of the year. After two weeks, not one of us wanted to come home.

Beals Island 2013

Photos from a hill in Sherman

These pictures were taken while I was out for a ride with Theodore and Jacqueline. We were in Sherman, Maine at the time and I just had to stop and take in the beauty around us. If my pictures and descriptions could capture the breezes felt and the perfect smells of summer, they would. I described this scene in a recent blog (Lazy Moose Vacation), but the pictures do a much better job of it.

To me, this spot just shouts out peace, calm, and perfection in all of its silence. I stood on this rise in the road and I thanked God for the creation before me. I am just a small being in a large place, blessed beyond my mind’s ability to comprehend, thrilled to have the sense’s God gave me, and so thankful I can take in places like these.



200 Stitch

201 Stitch