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Abrams Pond 2015

Once again, the Lord blessed us, allowing us to be able to get to our favorite vacation spot for the fifth year in a row. Another week at Abrams Pond in Eastbrook, Maine. Often I sit and think just how fortunate I am. God has blessed my family and I so many more times than I could count, or even begin to fathom how or why we deserve life’s rewards. So, with humility, I share the pictures that tell the stores of our week in Maine.

You may be standing right next to me as I notice something flying in the sky half a mile away. I am constantly looking to the skies, to the depths of the waters, to the shadows between the trees, or along the sides of the beaten paths. And sometimes, I am fortunate enough to see the life of the wild that is around me.



A juvenile eagle welcomes us to Abrams Pond

A juvenile eagle welcomes us to Abrams Pond


Great Blue on a grey day

Great Blue and the greys


Swimming duck

The ducks are a constant around the dock


Our Bald Eagle friend made several appearances during the week

Our Bald Eagle friend made several appearances during the week


Of course, we travel as a family. It’s a family vacation. One of the things that we love so much about this place, is the speed of life, or the lack thereof. The kids love the yard, the house, and of course the lake. As the kids grow, so does their enjoyment, and therefore our pleasure. I look at these and I smile. Sometimes, all I can do is trail behind and just try to keep up.



Eyes on the prize

I want to look at the camera but my eyes are on the prize


Check out this catch

Check out this catch


Lake fun

The sun is down, but that doesn’t stop the kids’ fun on the water


Our little fisherman

Is there pride in those eyes of our little fisherman


Photo with the fish

All smiles with a handful of fish


Proud of their fish

This twin team is proud of their fish


That's a proud boy

Different day, probably the same fish


The lonely fisherman and his can of Pringles

The lonely fisherman and his can of Pringles


Time and space to chill

We love it here, because all ages have time and space to relax


Looking for crabs at Acadia Schoodic Point

Looking for crabs at Acadia – Schoodic Point


Lonely swimmer blues

Lonely swimmer blues – Lamoine Beach


Then there are the scenes we have become accustomed to around Abrams Pond. There are many, and a few of them are captured here. Some might be repetitive from previous years, but we never tire of them.



Chair by moon reflection

A favorite spot of my wife, day or night


Calm reflection

The calm reflection of another perfect evening


Lakeside fire

We do love our fires, at home or in Maine


The incoming tide creates a river from one basin down to another

The incoming tide creates a river from one basin down to another – Acadia Schoodic Point


Moon over the lake

The moon rises in peace


Over the hundreds of posts I have published here, I have used thousands and thousands of words to tell stories or share pieces of my life. But then, there’s the sky. The sky that makes the rest look so small. The sky that changes by the second. The sky that can hold my attention for hours at a time. The sky that only God put in its’ place. Graphics nowadays are tremendous on games and screens, but nothing beats the sky in all of its’ grandeur.



Abrams Pond 2015

Afternoon on a splendid day at Abrams Pond 2015


Abrams Pond Evening 2015

The silhouettes fish under this gorgeous evening sky at Abrams Pond 2015


Abrams Pond Sky 2015

Imagine the senses engaged by welcoming each and every second of the changing evening sky


God's canvas

How many times is God’s canvas wiped clean only to be replaced by a picture more beautiful than the one before


Huge sky

The lake and its’ 400+ acres just seem smaller on some days


Moon rising and reflection

The sky was already beautiful and then the moon was revealed


SuperMoon Eve

The eve of Super Moon 2015


What else do you need

The air is warm, the breeze just right, the day empty of to do’s, what else could I need


All I can say is that, we are hopeful to return to this favorite place in 2016. I thank God for the blessings that allow this trip to come together for five years running. I thank my family, all around, for making this place come to life each summer; I am the beneficiary indeed. Thank you J for all you do to make this place what it is. I, we, enjoy the correspondence we share. And J, I also enjoy sharing my love of this place and the love of baseball with you. Abrams Pond 2015, was completely our pleasure. Thank you.


Getting Outside This Spring



Male cardinal getting some sun out back



A pair of moose checking out Route 3 in Pittsburg, and a nice couple from Pennsylvania up in NH to see some moose



Mom always said to look both ways before crossing



This moose in behind some trees made sure I wasn’t any threat and then continued snacking



A good looking moose comes up out of the water hole



A close up catches the drops of water around the mouth of the moose



This moose was in the northern portion of Errol, between Bear Brook and Long Pond



This little rabbit kept hopping in and out of the brush while I was nearby, but it always came back out to be seen



In the Pontook Reservoir, this loon swam close to where I sat before diving and swimming off to parts unknown



These birches stand at the edge of a water hole famous for moose sightings each spring



Bear Brook leading in to the Pontook Reservoir in Dummer, NH



While walking out in the woods on an old logging road, I came across this scene



This bull would cross the road every time trucks passed through then would come back across to continue his snacking



These massive animals get through tight spots with ease, power, and speed



This big guy doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything


Conn. Lake

First Connecticut Lake as the sun sets behind me



Colebrook Cabin Trip

Once in a while I am fortunate enough to “get away from it all” and escape to the north woods of NH. This weekend was one such time. For 30 or so hours I had a place to stay, no agenda, and the entire North Country to play in. It did rain and/or snow for the entire time I was up there but I tried to make the best use of this gifted time, which meant getting into the woods, even in the rain and snow.

I encountered more animals than I could get pictures of, including Deer, Turkeys, Ruffed Grouse, Canadian Geese, various Ducks, Bald Eagles, Hawks, Rabbits, and a Bobcat.

In my treks through the woods I only was on one trail and that was the Magalloway River Trail. The rest of the time I made my own trail through very thick brush and forest. It rained, it snowed, and everything in the forest was wet, including me. I also found myself knee-deep in snow several times, and on a couple of occasions I was in snow up to my belt buckle. Needless to say, I was soaked on both days I hiked.

Finally, after years of owning my camera, I finally tried out the timer function. I took some pictures of myself for the time, along Coon Brook in Pittsburg. I stacked several rocks in a pile, using the flat rocks on top to make my own camera stand. It seemed to work just fine.

A loon enjoys some of the open water on the Magalloway River

A loon enjoys some of the open water on the Magalloway River

Woods along the Magalloway River Trail

Woods along the Magalloway River Trail

A Common Merganser takes flight over a still forzen section of the Magalloway River

A Common Merganser takes flight over a still frozen section of the Magalloway River

Winter still holds on here, even in the last week of April

Winter still holds on here, even in the last week of April

The Mohawk River just west of where the West and East branches of the river meet

The Mohawk River just west of where the West and East branches of the river meet, just below the Colebrook Cabin

Lake Francis 4-27-14 (1700x315)

An early morning panorama of Lake Francis in Pittsburg

Lake Francis II 4-27-14  (1700x600)

Another look at Lake Francis in Pittsburg

011 (1700x1133)

Fresh snowfall is apparent while looking north on Route. 3 in Pittsburg

Third Connecticut Lake 4-27-14 (1700x320)

Third Connecticut Lake, 4-27-14

018 (1700x1133)

This wintry scene looks more like December than late April

019 (1700x1133)

Even staring right at me, it’s sometimes hard to find the moose in a picture

023 (1700x1133)

Moose close up, kind of

024 (1700x1133)

A remote section of Coon Brook which feeds into First Connecticut Lake

030 (1700x1133)

One of the widest, open sections I found along Coon Brook

031 (1700x1133)

There were several areas of knee-high to waist-high snow that I encountered while following Coon Brook

051 (1700x1133)

Yours truly, soaked and figuring out the timer on my camera, while a Ruffed Grouse making a minor disturbance grabbed my attention

069 (1700x1133)

Another moose along Moose Alley in Pittsburg

071 (1700x1133)

My moose friend comes in for a closer look

073 (1700x1133)

I thoroughly enjoyed my hike along Cascade Brook in Dixville Notch

074 (1700x1133)

More of Cascade Brook which cuts through some very rugged, untamed country

075 (1133x1700)

Some of the walls climb straight up 50 or more feet from Cascade Brook

Dixville Notch Streams

Flume Brook meets Cascade Brook, which then makes Clear Stream I believe

056 (1700x1133)

This is me sitting on a fallen tree that spans Coon Brook in Pittsburg, NH

The heron, an eagle, loons, and me

It was the middle of the day when I climbed in
A two seat canoe, a paddle, and me, I did begin
The water was calm and close to crystal clear
Moving through water, and birds, all I could hear
Not a cloud to be found among the blue sky
The sun warmed everything from up on high
I imagined this place in a time centuries before
Wishing it were then, and how I’d still explore
I moved slowly, and quietly, letting my senses record
The smells, the sounds, the sights, while aboard
A faint noise from above sparked my heightened sense
I moved toward the cattails and reeds oh so dense
I squinted and searched for the origin of the sound
And soon, a great blue heron in a spruce, I found
Moving away to allow it some space, another sound
I heard from across the cove and closer to the ground
It was another heron calling, or at least to be heard
When above my head appeared, yet another bird
Passing the spruce and gliding in, a bald eagle did rise
The majestic bird landed with grace before my eyes
Once in his perch, silence ensued, nothing dared move
Or so it seemed, but for me, my site to improve
All at once a splash from behind, and I turned to see
But nothing was there but ripples left for me
Resuming my gaze the calm pierced masked in black
The loon appeared from below, after a snack
My masked playmate called another yards away
The eagle, or not, the loons wanted to play
Time stalled and rested with me there in the sun
Sitting still in nature, watching, I was having fun
My mind raced to the eras past, land minus flaw
And I wondered what I missed among all I saw
As self-imposed limits do, measurement moved me
I paddled in, slowly, so as to stretch time, there to be
The loons called across the water while the heron hid
The eagle cleaned his wings, and I smiled like a big kid
I left, wanting freedom for always, to just be
The heron, an eagle, a pair of loons, and me