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16 years and I never want it to end

This was my 16th consecutive year seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert, and I never want the show to end. This year was no different. Simply awesome.

This was my 16th consecutive year seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert, and I never want the show to end. This year was no different. Simply awesome.










I will be adding more posts with pictures from the TSO concert in Manchester, NH throughout the month of December. Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2014

I wasn’t where I’ve grown accustomed to, but I was there
On stage these pros all showed up, but do they really care
As usual I polled those around me, some had, others new
I smiled and waited, hoping they’d engage and feel it too
Before the lights went dark I thought of my TSO friends, 
And I wondered who was here, where all that ails, mends
I thought of moments passed and ones I may have missed
I pondered on how these people remember their set lists
From one note to the next I can be lost, completely
Taken on a journey that caresses the senses sweetly
Light from the arena vanishes and the crowd is heard
Anticipation just like show one, even on my 23rd
Then there’s the production, the stirring voice of Bryan
His stories invoke emotion and tears without trying
Somewhere between shadows and the light sings Dustin
Change happens, I learned a while back, these I trust in
And what Trans-Siberian stage would be complete
Without the sounds and antics from the one David Z
Oh how I have enjoyed the voice and presence of Rob Evan
A voice sent to us, a gift rarely heard this side of heaven
Sir Russell Allen and Autumn on the same song, what a blend
The Three Kings & I, with a little bit of Kashmir at the end
Like a flash Roddy Chong is here, there, and everywhere
Smiling all the while playing precious notes that fill the air
The lights are amazing and the fire I feel from end to end
Georgia and Natalya, their aura and vocals transcend
Music Box Blues, and the this new take from Lisa Lavie
Don’t stop singing Lisa, can I hear more please? Oui Oui!
The snow comes down, we hope it heals our imperfect scars
Time, moving in a straight line, Robin leaves his mark, sparks
Then, this song when all other sound in the room just leaves
Someday I hope she will sing it twice, please Ms. Reeves
The constant, the ever present, but often times hard to see
Jeff Plate, the heartbeat of thunder, play a solo just for me
On keyboards, Ms. Kim and the incomparable Mr. Wieland
Playing perfection, together, though each on an island
My ears tell me, look at the frantic pace, but a smile on his face
Nothing missed, the sound I know, Joel shreds it with grace
For you newcomers, yes, this orchestra plays and sings
They even use local players each show to help on the strings
Paul didn’t play this show, but when arena doors open
His presence is felt and broken pieces feel whole again
Back to the Palace it began for me, I first saw Chris Caffery
He can sing, he can play, and leads the ceremony of mastery
The seats are empty, the stage coming down, and the lights are low
Why are fans still upstairs, the show ended more than an hour ago
See there’s a bunch of tables all set in a row, the band sitting there
The fans line up just to meet their heroes and friends, TSO cares